„Chicken Church“ in Indonesia

Indonesia, Island Java more precisle the fertile forest of „Kedu-Valley“. A giant Building which looks like a Chicken stands out of the green.

Whats that? Why is it standing there? And whys there a big cross on his back (a sign used by Christians), most of the People in Indonesia are Muslim?

Back in 1989 Daniel Alamsjah had a vision (inspired by god as he says), to build a house of prayers in the shape of a dove. Clearly he saw this house and the place where it should be build, in his vision. As he travelled through the “Kedu-Basin”, in the same year, suddenly he found the place, which he has seen in his vision.

After some financial problems, he finally could buy the land, which has 1 hectare. Many of the resident People there, helped him build this house, although they thought too he would build a Christian Church.

In Fact 7 Nationalities, Muslim and Christian, as well as sick, drug addicted and People with mental illness lived there, in harmony next to each other. Recovered and visited therapy hours there.

Unfortunately the building was never really finished, in 2000 that house of prayers had to close. By now nature is capturing that building back.

Alex Kurniawan (Urban Explorer, which is Indonesian), tells excited: “Architecture is great”…”There are 8 Pillars and 5 of them already broke down. On the ground floor are many Rooms like Bathrooms and Bedrooms. It’s dark and Bats are flying everywhere. Air is humid and the Ground Floor seems Mystic.”

As far as I know, Daniel Alamsjah soled the house of prayers to a Singapore “Businessman”, it should be turned into a Mansion with a therapy-centre.

I can’t help but maybe Problems (either ethnic or religions), are only in People’s heads?
The history of this “house-of-prayers” proofs that all Religions and different people worked together to build this house, which seemed to be a Christian church, furthermore they lived next to each other, without hurting or damn each other. (By the way, Wikipedia says there are only 9% Christians in Indonesia’s population.)

… besides of an impressing architecture also an example for acceptance …

more pictures:






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