Rock on Halloween, Metal-Music from Austria and a missing bathtub plug

Halloween afternoon, a quarter to five, I’m waiting in my car outside of the house of my „beau“, to pick him up for his surprise. He has no idea where we are going or what we’re going to do. All he knows is: There will be a surprise … It seems he looks a bit unlucky and/or curious. But definitely happy that he has not to wear a masquerade for tonight … As he made a visit to his father, earlier the same day, I was able to pack some stuff for an overnight trip, without my “beau” taking notice …

I needed a navigation System to find our Goal, the beautiful Styria (yes Arnold Schwarzenegger was born there..). After a bit more than a one hour drive my “beau” started to get really confused, because he was thinking we would come home the same night …

After a small detour, because I missed our exit, we finally arrived at the “Place to be”. At the Exit I asked my “beau” to close his eyes. Fortunately he did so, because the Event was already started. Visitors on the sidewalk wouldn’t have left any doubt, what kind of Event we will visit … After a few seconds we passed the first poster with the event announcement…

As we arrived at the Hotel, his confusion was even bigger. We entered our Hotel Room and I’ve started to dress “office-like”. Nice dark Jeans, a Top, a vest and high heeled shoes … My “beau” asked if it would be ok, if he drinks a cup of coffee. Of course it was ok. But as his mind didn’t come to rest, he started guessing what would happen that night … “Maybe The Sorrow is having a Show tonight …”, Oh Boy, I was really pissed that moment … But I didn’t show to him that he hit the “Bulls Eye” … As we were on our Way to the Event, a poster passed us .. In great white Letters it says “The Sorrow”. My “Beau” started to smile and his feet moved faster …

Unfortunately, we missed the first 2 Bands (Apis  and Ashes of Moon – sounds good) completely. Also we could only listen to the last few Numbers from the Band “Darkfall”. I have to confess “Dark-Trash-Metal” is not really my music, but very close to it … The Singer, who was running from corner to corner on the stage, gave me a hard time to stand still. He even made me put my hands up in the Air. Something I “never” do, even not if my favourite Bands are playing and I’m drunk … Great Energy those Guys (Listen to them on their Facebook-Page)

Just the next day, I recognized why the sound of “Vinegar Hill” seemed familiar to me. I heard them already at the Nova Rock Festival in Austria this year. And as back in Summer I wasn’t able to not move my feet … What was also due to their Live-Performance. The whole Band gave everything, their energy and fun easily transferred to the audience … Guys you definitely have a Fan more … visit their site

At the Merchandise Area, we missed the Guys from “The Sorrow”, in this moment they were standing just in front of us. The next moment they were gone.

Well, to the sorrow of my “beau”, which first of all wishes a new album and was also hoping to get autographs from the Band … But the friendly man at the sales booth promised to do his best, that our new bought “The Sorrow”-Shirt will be signed … And guess what? Happily my “Beau” received his signed Shirt

Thank you – Mr. Unknown

“Dust Bolt” rocked the Crowd. These Guys were all over the Stage. Unfortunately I couldn’t hear the Voice of the Singer all time as well as on their record. But as I remember, they had some sound issues. They managed it very well. Shacked their long hair with no pause. Made great facial expressions. Tons of energy in their whole Show. And as Darkfall, they made me put my hands up in the Air again … Amazing Guys, especially the bassist cached my eye, it seemed joy was coming directly out of him .. give them a try!

Finally “The Sorrow” entered the Stage. Blared their best songs out. The Crowd got a bit crazy (in a good way), but my “Beau” and I had to back up a little, so there was enough space between Circle pits and us … My “Beau” a bit “reserved” to that point, started to “rock”, me as well of course … There were lots of beautiful Moments with my “Beau”, relating to their songs. Also I often use passages from their songs, to give him a “Love Note” Reach for the Skies“Heart of a Lion and  Buried in the Deep Most of their songs are really great. I still listen to their albums in my car or when I workout. Next to Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed and many more The Sorrow is definitely one of my favourite Bands.

It’s kind of sad we are in Austria, there is not really a sponsorship or promotion for Austrian Bands and most of them can never make a living just with their Music or rather their Art …On all Facebook Pages of those Bands you can read wishes for more Albums and Shows … That’s why the Pictures saying: Only when the last club closed and the last artist is assigned, you’ll notice that you cannot download great Shows. Go to Concerts and support your bands!

Happy and tired we arrived at our Hotel, after the Concert and a 30 Minute walk. It was a 4 Stars Hotel, but then … the Scandal happened. The bathtub, which my “Beau” wanted to bath in, had no bathtub plug. Immediately he wanted to deduct a star from the Hotel … “If they will give me a Feedback Request. I will just write: BATHTUB PLUG, on it…unbelievable” … I blamed it on the Alcohol, but I was wrong … The missing Bathtub Plug was still in his mind the next morning, even with a little hangover … He wanted to tell the chambermaid that the bathtub plug was missing … I held him back … and as my house only has a shower and no bathtub I headed to his home … there he has a bathtub … with a bathtub plug…

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