Australia – a Town „Down Under“

A few years ago, on one of summer’s hottest days. I went to a guided Tour, bicycling in an old mine … 30 degrees outside, 15 degrees inside … really cool … Until the guides asked us to switch our headlamps of, it was clear to me I would love to stay “down under”, well without light it turns out a bit creepy …

Currently I heard about a town in Australia, Coober Pedy (which means “white man in hole”), where people are living “my dream” … But why is that so?

Back in 1915 gold fever arrived in Australia, Jim Hutchison, his son William and 2 other men where meeting between the two towns Adelaide and Alice Spring. Instead of Gold William found something else, as he searched for water …. Opals

Opals are Minerals and are mostly known for their use as jewellery or decoration. Understandable as they have a fascinating play of colours:



But there are also „Opal-Fossils“


Today Coober Pedy is the capital city of opals. The Mining area holds more than 5000 square kilometre with 70 fields, which is kind of funny, because 70% of all Opals coming from here …
Of Course the town is very attractive for workers from all over the earth, about 4000 People are working and living in Coober Pedy.

In summer temperature climbs up to 35 and 45 degrees, pretty hot, sandstorms sweeps over the town. So it`s clear why half of the People in Coober Pedy choose to live “down under” in “caves” …

The Town above the Earth is not very attractive, some houses and lots of sand, even the sign of the town is creative but a bit “vacant” … But “down other” the city grows, Churches, Shopping Centres, Apartments, Hotels and as well a camping area (!) … Yes I think about packing my stuff and visit this town … There are a few guide tours “down under”, even threw the apartments of people living there … The town even has a golf course, but as there is only sand, the players have to carry their own bit of grass with them … funny vision …

Some parts of this Town where also filming location for Mad Max III



Hotel and its stairway





Shopping Area:


Swiming Pools:

1 (Large)

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