Stefan Pabst – 3D Art, which actually isn’t 3D

One Day, Stefan Pabst had enough painting portraits of faces in 2D. He was bored and needed a new challenge, it was the time to go beyond the border of paper and 2D.

Now he puts Spiders on Mousepads, sets snakes beside a bale of straw. Make the vision a horse is coming out of a painting. Let the Moon float above his table. Creates black holes. Helps Zebras finding a Water-Hole or helps “Thumbelina” doing yoga …

But that’s still not enough for him, currently he want’s to combine his Portrait work with his 3D Art. He want to create the vision that the Person on the Paper is coming out of the Painting …

Considering his passion for his work and improving his skills I absolutely see no problem for that … As he lives in Germany … may I should visit him some day …

Take a look yourself;

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