Glitter Beards, the male answer to Glitter Roots?

As usual I was searching on the Internet, to find something witch could be interesting for me and others … This time I found the “Gay Beards” on YouTube …

As mentioned recently, Woman are now wearing Glitter-Roots to hide their hairline, or as “hair-accessories”. Now also men discovered this trend for themselves … But a bit different. For some time, pictures of Glitter-Beards are shared on Instagram & Co, possibly a great beard-style option for Christmas?

As well, if women forget their glitter-powder, they maybe can gain something off of a man …

However, “The Gay Beards” mention at the beginning of their tutorials, that they are often asked: How they get their beards so glittery. Are they the trendsetters? Who knows … Check out their “How to” Video …

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