Rainbow Beach – when Earth opens …

Australia, September 2015, a woman which is screaming runs across a Camping-Area, knocks on the doors of Caravans. The earth, beneath the popular campground opens slowly.

No one was injured, more than 140 Campers were evacuated in time, only tents and caravans disappeared in the 100 yard-wide sinkhole …

What happened here is not an isolated case. Sinkholes can appear when water, deep down in the earth, enters places where water soluble rocks, like limestone, marble, dolomite or rock salt appears.

Diameter, but also depth of these Sinkholes varies between 2 to 300 yards. Sinkholes can be found all over the earth, also in Europe; Germany, Austria, Croatia, Greece and France for example…

2014 beneath the Corvette Museum in Kentucky (USA), a sinkhole opened, and several rare cars were damaged but no people injured:

  • 1962 black Corvette
  • 1984 PPG Pace Car
  • 1992 the millionth Corvette
  • a red Corvette, build 1993 for the 40th Anniversary
  • 1984 Mallet Hammer Z06 Corvette
  • 2009 Model number 1.500.000
  • 1993 ZR-1 Spyder
  • 2009 ZR-1 Blue Devil


Florida 2013, during his sleep, a sinkhole appeared underneath the house of a 36 year old man, he couldn’t be rescued. The Hole was filled up, but opened again in August 2015.

Guatemala 2010, a giant Sinkhole appears directly in the City, “only” two people were killed in this tragedy…


But also in traffic sinkholes happen, the driver of this car get away with a fright and shock…


In the Town Samara (Russia) Sinkholes seemed to be the daily routine, back in 2013, scientists believe that melted ice is the cause …

But there’s also a man made sinkhole, the “Glory Hole” in the dam “ Lake Berryessa” at California, it prohibits that water, after a flood, reaches over the walls and guarantees a controlled pumping of high water …


But there are also beautiful Sinkholes, like this one near Belize in the Caribbean Sea, which must have appeared back in ice age.


In Oregon (USA) we find “Thor’s Well”, a little Sinkhole which seems to “swallow” the pacific ocean, but no worry it isn’t deep enough to do that. During twilight it appears in beautiful purple colours.


And last but not least, a visual illusion at Mauritius looks like there is opening a great hole in Front of Mauritius, but no worry it’s just Silt and sand deposits


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