Blood Moon and again … doomsday, what else …

27th of September in 2015, the night from Sunday to Monday in Europe. I made sure my alarm clock is set right, because this night it will happen a natural spectacle … Blood Moon …

How that happen? The Moon gets into the Shadow of Earth, as Sunlight shines through or ratter past the atmosphere of earth, our moon will be visible in a red light.


Not often we get to see such a spectacle and this time we could also enjoy another cosmic coincidence, as the moon is very near to earth this night, because the moon rounds the earth in an elliptical orbit, he would seem to be very big too.

Farmers can be glad they don’t need natural lights anymore for their work, because normally this full moon would be that full moon, farmers needed, back in the days, to bring in harvest at night, before it freezes …

But also Blood Moon has a meaning for superstitious people. Witches believe they can gain more power during Blood Moon. Children who were received that night should be very special. Ghosts will run around, Vampires and Werewolves will be born … and of course … that night Blood Moon will be a harbinger of the apocalypse … This time for sure, world will come to end … Bad Luck, or? Blood Moon is long over and Earth still is here …

However one special thing really happened and found its end that night. It was the end of a circle of lunar eclipses, also called tetrad. Also NASA confirmed that such a tetrad happened only three times in the past 500 years.


Why the end of the world should have come? Some made References to the holy bible, which quotes „The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the coming of the great and notable day of the Lord „. Acts 2:20.
In my opinion that means that (sun dark – moon blood) should happen on the same day? But maybe I’m wrong … Anyway, it also were stated that this tetrad blood moons and solar eclipse occurs on important Jewish holidays … but on one hand, the Jewish calendar is based on moon and on the other hand since year zero, eight tetrads happened on Jewish holidays …

Always people vision bad things to happen, when blood moon occurred … Teutons or rather Germanic people believed, the wolf named “Hati”, chases the moon and will engulf the moon at the “twilight of the gods” … As soon as that happen, Stars will collide and fall down on earth, Earthquakes and Floods will happen … But there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, afterwards Odin will be reborn and create a new world …

Chinese people had a quite “similar belief”, a dragon will engulf the moon, with loud music they expelled that dragon. Indians in the Amazon believe the moon had been wounded by an arrow. General was the eclipse of the moon as a harbinger of disaster and change.

At the end, I didn’t see Blood Moon this time, it was too cloudy, no chance to see anything. Yes, I was very disappointed … But happy that earth is still doing fine …

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