Flotsam and Jetsam, art made by Trash

Most of us, love the oceans and seas all around the earth. But only a few of us are aware of “Plastic-Land” in our Oceans …

In fact there are almost five continents made of trash in our Oceans. Where they come from? Easily explained, unintentionally garbage falls off from ships and boats or, worst case, is thrown away carelessly. As our Oceans have circulating ocean currents, trash gets trapped inside and of course stays there… More and more trash “joins” and there you have it … a „Waste-Land-Continent „…

Sometimes, trash won’t get trapped inside ocean currents, and find its way on beaches .. A project started … Several Artists collected 12 tons (!) trash on beaches and made more than 45 Sculptures, of sea animals, out of it.

Not only that this project turns ugly trash into beautiful art, it also draws attention to the fact that many, majestic and beautiful, sea animals are vulnerable because of that trash … Often sea animals eats trash or get caught in it, injuries and deformations are the lesser evil, most of those animals have to die crucifyingly.

Regrettably, this exhibition will not be in Europe, but in different museums and water parks around the USA.

Take a look at a few of the sculptures or take a look on the website of that amazing Project:

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and for more Pictures; take a look at their photo-gallery

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