A night at the Viper Room Vienna with Veil of Deception, Maxxwell and Rage

I’m always a bit to late, this is my “magic”. So it happened that , after an evening run with the Dogs and a Shower afterwards, I left my home a quarter past seven and not as planned at seven o’clock. What wouldn’t be a problem, if I didn’t have to search for a parking space. Done, about ten minutes late, I arrived at the place to be for tonight, the Viper Room Vienna …

The Club was already full. The First Band, Veil of Deception, already fired up the audience. I choose to stay a bit outside of the Stage Area, so I can take good Pictures, as well listen and enjoy to the music with all my attention. The Band, which was founded 2013 in Vienna, played accurate Metal with heavy Riffs. The short guitar solos not only animated the Singer of the Band to play with joy on the air guitar. With every song the Band increased itself, the Energy of the Band transferred to the audience. As I could see from my Place, even the People in the last row and at the Bar, where they usually yak, had a hard time standing still and also celebrate the Band on Stage.

I did remember the last time I saw Veil of Deception, back in 2013, at the Release Party of their first Album. Quickly it was clear, Veil of Deception is a Band to keep an eye, or should I say an ear, on. This night proved I was right, at almost all Songs you could hear the crowd sing along with the Band.
From their new Album “Tearing Up The Roots” the Songs “Personal Holy Grail” and “Summers Dying” are definitely join my Running-Music-List. The tone colour of the Spanish Singer, which you can call a talent of languages, as well as a master of the art of living, seems unique to me with a lot of power behind it … So Guys; I want more!

After a short break, in which I secured myself the new Album and two T-Shirts form Veil of Deception, which by the way the Singer himself sold – I appreciate down to earth People …
The Show went on with …

Maxxwell, unknown to me, which I regret. Let’s say that Band plays to the Formula: Hard rock/Metal + Energy + Craziness + Switzerland = a rocking Concert! It was cold in the club, but soon the Singer had to get rid of his hood, no surprise, as they heated up the crowd even more. Excited I listen to the voice of the Singer, which easily switched from melodic and calm to powerful and throaty. Already excited about that Band, they cached me with their third song “Man of Steel”, which also will join my Running-List.

Frisky the Singer rocked around the stage, but gives the Guitarist enough space for his Solos, which could definitely mess around with the big ones out there, no slate clay reached my ear. The Guitarist, as well didn’t just stand around in the front, he made his own little Show out of it. Just Great, big compliment.

After the crowd shouted for encore, the Singer kind of forgot his Text*, which was no Problem as the crowd enjoyed helping him out, loudly! The Singer took his little mistake with lots of humour, first hide his face in his hands, than he twisted the micro on its cable in wheels and held it to the crowd, celebrated the fans excited, it seemed to me he was happily overpowered about the well-known text sung from the audience.

In the break, the singer passed my place with an “Pffff….”, on his lips, what made me believe he was in a bad mood, but I was wrong. Shortly afterwards he came back with changed clothes a smile on his face, chatted with the Singer of Veil of Deception and also showed of a bit of a language talent. Because both talked in Spanish, during the Show and afterwards he also spoke well German and with his drummer, who also had a good time and goofed around, he spoke in “Switzerdütsch” (meaning “Switzerland German”). Why I know that so well? Let’s say you couldn’t overhear the Voice of the Singer, which of course is no bad characteristic for a singer …

Finally the Headliner of the Night entered the Stage: Rage. The Singer really has an impressive appearance, to overlook the crowd he doesn’t need a stage, what is also reflected in his impressive voice, which reminds me on a more beautiful version of Lemmy Kilmister. Powerful and loud, his Voice reached my ear.

Joyfully, the Band from Germany, which also have Members from Venezuela, celebrated their 20th Anniversary. No question for, why they can fill concert halls around Europe and play as well at Wacken Festival.

With a damn good show and unbridled enthusiasm they animated their audience more and more to celebrate. They played like there is no tomorrow.
During their Encore, which the audience loudly wished for, they fired it up even more. Started, faithful to their Genre, a Heavy – Power – Speed – Metal – War, allowed the Crowd to come shortly down during the refrain, before the started again with Drums like an armoured division, strong brute Vocals and razor-sharp Riffs.

As the Encore reached its end, the pleasured the audience with short Passages of “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Holy Diver”, second one sung by the Guitarist, which now also showed off a fantastic Voice.

Exhausted but happy the Fans left the Viper Room, if I ever stopped smiling before leaving the Club, I don’t know. Clearly all of that three Bands celebrated their Fans, the Viper Room and themselves in a great Metal-inebriation, which no one could stay away from that night. Everybody at Viper Room had a good Time, the entire time! I would enjoy seeing this Bands today again, that’s how amazing it was …

Pictures of that Night you find here:

*As I just recognized. No the Singer, from Maxxwell, didn’t forget his text during the encore, the crowd was so loud he couldn’t hear himself anymore.

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