Criticalpixie and the loony, colour changing eye

Once upon a time, back in June 2015 during the annual “Nova Rock Festival” happened in sun – kissed “Burgenland” in Austria …

My “Beau” is changing his cell phones … oh well … not like others changes their underpants, but at least more often as usual, I would say … A person who still owns one of the first smartphones.

Of course my “Beau” made some pictures of the Bands, Crowd and of us during the first day and of course I wanted to take a look at them as we went to sleep in our car. Nasty camera, you see everything on it, pores of the skin which are not visible with the naked eye. Unbelievable.

So I found a new “Toy”, for me amazing things got visible because of that camera, lint and dirt microscopically small on my thumb, which also weren’t visible with naked eye.

My “Beau’s” eyes are blue, in opposite to me who has, or had, brown eyes with a bit of green in it. I always told my “Beau”, that his eyes are not only blue, and that I can see a little bit of green and some really small dots of brown in it … He didn’t believe me, so I toked my change held the camera in front of his eye and toked a picture. Now he could also see the proof.

Out of Fun he made a picture of my eye too. Soon after the Festival he lost his cell phone with the amazing camera on our visit at the “DTM”, which means “German Touring Car Masters”. Two other complex cell phones followed … But one day he came home with his “old cell phone”, or rather the same type.

I was amazed and started to take different pictures again and so it happened that we made new pictures of his and my eyes … Now we spot a “grey-blue” stain in my eye.

As I didn’t recognize a sight disorder and no other problems toked place, I ignored it few months, at home we were watching my eye getting lighter and lighter. As soon as it got closer to my pupil I finally decided to visit a doctor.

True to his job he recognized quickly the difference of the colour of my eyes and asked if I was born with Iris-Heterochromia, as you may know from Mila Kunis or Husky’s, I had to deny that. His face turned serious and he started to analyse my eyes, even toked a swab from my conjunctiva.

I got a bit unsecure, which didn’t get better of him only saying “Hmmm … Aha … Oh well …. Hmmm”, he asked me a few questions and then started measuring my intraocular pressure and my visual field … And then I had to wait in the waiting room, seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours.

Finally the doctor called me back into his office. He started to tell me about skin cancer of the eye, or better said of the conjunctiva or sometimes of the Iris itself. As well of inflammations, which can lead to eye-colour change and mostly blindness. My heart started pumping and I’ve got ready for bad news …

“In your case, it seems you have a genetic-defect. Your immune-system attacks the melanin of your eye. Melanin is …”, I didn’t listen anymore, as soon as he said cancer and blindness only this two words spinning circles in my head, in my mind I kicked the doctors ass …

I myself recognized that I was tired and kind of burned out, during the colour change happened, that’s because the “white blood bodies” are busy to remove the Melanin out of my eye.
Crazy what all can happen, now I have to wait if the transformation goes on or stops, because last thing can also happen. Then I’ll living with a “cow pattern” eye, because currently it’s grey-blue, brown and some kind of green ….

As the transformation started in October and quickly went on in December, I finally got used to my new “strange” look. Other people know start to recognize it with their naked eye … Currently I’m not used to the reactions, but I guess they will become normal as well … This happened to my left eye, know also the right eye started with a little dot of blue … You can see all pictures on Facebook

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