Eddie Vedder, Jason deClaires Taylor and the man of stone in the ocean

It was May 2011, when the Album Ukulele Songs, from the singer of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder finally was available in store, but this time it was not only his voice that enchanted me, while listening to his music …

On the album cover you can see a man, or rather to me it seemed to be a man, sitting on a chair, which seemed kind of used, in front of a massive table with an old typewriter on it. I got caught in that scene, totally forgot that no human being could life like this beyond the sea and started to think about what that man may would hear … Nothing … slight rippling of water … distant crunching of the sand … or a motorboat, which slides over his head on the surface, not knowing that he is down there, thinking, working and just enjoy his being.

Slowly I woke up from my daydream, about this man on seabed, I got curious, what was the story behind that picture? A coup from Eddie Vedder himself? Some kind of treasure lost at sea? Or something completely different?

I’ve started to investigate on the Internet and finally found the Artist Jason deClaires Talyor. Back in May 2011 he was a 37 year old man, who spent most of his childhood in Europe and Asia, and also investigated coral reefs since then. After he finished his Studies of the Art on the London Institute of the Arts, back in 1998, he started his training to become a diving instructor and an underwater photographer, well known for his dramatic images, which showed the transformation of his sculptures beyond the sea.

In 2006 he started building his first underwater-art-park, in West India, which made it into the top 25 of world wonders in National Geographic. No wonder as his sculptures are special themselves, they consist of a special, ph-adjusted, concrete, which is on one hand harmless to the ocean and on the other hand supports the growth of coral, which are a perfect place to life for many fish, as we know form “Finding Nemo”.

Of Course I started to follow his Facebook-Page and I’m absolutely happy the moment I can write about him has finally come, since start of February sculptures of his new project on Lanzarotte (Spain) are built up, or rather get drowned.

Even at home, watching this pics of his news sculptures on seabed over my laptop, they give me shivers. A bit hard to imagine how much more this feelings must grow, when you dive through directly, between this amazing sculptures.

Detailed replica of Humans hugging each other, or others who seem to walk in a certain direction, following an unknown target with closed eyes and no emotions on their faces, like Zombies. There is also the Sculpture “Raft of Lampedusa”, showing his thoughts about the refuge crisis, who seems to be resigned people, exhausted, vulnerable and close together waiting for … ?

More amazing pictures, also von older projects, you can see on his Facebook-Page, to take a view is definitely worth it … The Sculpture of the Album Ukulele Songs is called “Last Correspondent” … There’s the shiver again …

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