Rack or Rove? The Sisters of Mercy at Gasometer (Vienna)

To begin with, today I have to praise myself, something I normally don’t do, but as my “Beau” got me throw some rough times, past Week, I’m really nice and lovely … Let me tell you why: Last Friday, which would be Friday the 11th of March, as usual my “Beau” and I talked, about work, some funny and about not so funny stuff, after we finished, my “Beau” did some searches on the Internet. “When are we going to Graz?”, he asked me (Graz is the capital City of Styria – correct Arnold Schwarzenegger…) “Next week, why?” My “Beau” point on the Screen of his Laptop. The Sisters of Mercy are coming to town, in two days, which now means yesterday …

… a light switched on in my brain, because of that band, but honestly I couldn’t say why. Next thought: Oh my god, a Concert in a Hall, what means walls and hundreds of people around me, I’m not claustrophobic, but that’s kind of one of my worst nightmares … So of course I said “Yes, sure”

The Gasometer is in fact an old Gas tank, or rather some old Gas tanks, build at 1896. In the late Seventies, as there was no need for Gas tanks anymore, the township decided to transform this Gas tanks in Apartments, Restaurants, a Shopping Mall and of course the Concert Hall, where also the annual Wild-Style-Tattoo-exhibition take place. The Gasometer stands in the 11. District of Vienna, which has 23. Districts total, the 11 one is called “Simmering”, if some of you like to know.

A few minutes past seven in the evening we left home, to visit the concert. I start Internet on my Mobile-Phone and as well a “Google-search” about The Sister of Mercy, quickly I found a negative review about their last Show in Berlin, the capital City of Germany. Especially the Words: Rave and Rave-Grandpa catches my eye. Immediately I question the mental health of my “Beau”. Rave, or rather Techno-Music is an absolute “No-Go” for me. I love Guitar-Solos, but my Ears don’t like High-Notes or booming Bass.

Quickly I start to think about Avenged Sevenfold, as some Techno-Music, which are in the Charts the last months.

As we arrived at the Gasometer, of course, I see lots of people, but the most worn colour is black, a stereotype which fits into Rock-Music, a glimmer of hope? I don’t have a clue what People wear, which are into Rave-Music, but I remember someone told me platform shoes and neon.

My “Beau” gets himself some Band-Shirts, something he always does, and beaming with joy he comes back to me and shows off his pickings. As we wait in line to order our Drinks, my “Beau” tells me, that The Sisters of Mercy was one of his first concerts ever, now I understand why we had to come here…

After we got our Drinks, we went straight into the Concert-Hall, it is one Minute after Eight and the supporting act; LSD on CIA, from Copenhagen, already plays. The played definitely Rock, not my preferred style of Rock as I categorized them into Trash Rock, there are only a few bands I like who play Trash Rock, but they are pretty good. The Voice of the Singer, Mikkel Konyher, reminds a bit of Placebo, which isn’t bad in my Opinion. They know how to make people celebrating, as they don’t forget to interact with the crowd. The Bass-Player, Piotro Fronklo, plays Topless, but I guess with guys you say shirtless and spins his head around and with it his long hair. With some exceptions I like their Music. So today I had to visit their Facebook-Page first, and now I know better, their exact Genre is Hedonist thrash Rock.

Unfortunately after half an hour they had to stop, exactly in that Moment when they caught me and I was ready to hear more from them.

The Sisters of Mercy should start at nine o’clock, what means a break about half an hour. I start to look around, which wasn’t that full at that time, Lucky me and I start to remember the bad review from Berlin … No, I don’t see most of the audience in their forties or “Django-Hats”, whatever that means, or Iggy Pop Look-a-Likes, sad comment by the way, I don’t think it’s a fault to look like Iggy Pop, I like him a lot, with some exceptions. I even don’t see Tattoos, but most of the Audience wears vests or hoodies, which irritates me a bit, because it’s warm here, very warm. After reading the bad review from Berlin I’m surprised to see lots of People who must be in their twenties. Straight in front of me stands a group of girls, who all can be still Teens. But I do see one or two Leather-Jackets.

Two Minutes before nine o’clock, three guys in their thirty’s got in front of us, about two meters away and immediately my feeling tells me: Those guys will be annoying. Which was correct, as the next Minutes shows. Now I have to note that I, Hobbit who I am, stand on something like a big cable runway, so I can see the stage. Behind me a Bar, which is closed.

Exact at nine o’clock The Sisters of Mercy entered the Stage, England’s – always on time. They start to play, I try to get myself into the Music, which I’m not able to categorize after the first sounds reached my Ear. Now the one of the three guys, in a light blue shirt, turns around, looks at me and start to ask, in heavy Viennese Dialect: “Really? That are Sisters of Mercy?” I just looked over to my “Beau”, who gave him an answer. I call that guy now Annoying-Smurf.

After a few Songs I categorize The Sister of Mercy into somewhere between Rock and Rave, therefore Rack or Rove? Not really my Taste, but okay, the Melody or Sounds clearly reaches my ear, nothings blares or clank, only the voice of the Singer isn’t that easy to understand for me, only sometimes a clear word reaches my ear, but I think that’s also because I don’t know the lyrics.

I’m fascinated about that yellow gloves of the singer, there we have it: Neon. He also wars a white Hoodie, with a red print on it and grey (baggy?) Pants. The Guitar-Player is dressed in black as far as I can see. Both with bald head and Sun-Glasses, they look totally different from the Audience and so a bit freaky but good.

Then it’s over for me with seeing, which isn’t the blame of the fog which plenty and continuous got blown into the audience. Two Guys out of the Three Guys, which includes Annoying-Smurf, choose to stand next to us, bad for me there isn’t really that much space, but they don’t seem to care, as there are also people behind my “Beau”, it’s … kind of cosy … uncomfortable cosy.

Suddenly a very heavy and bad smell hits my nose like a truck, the friend of Annoying-Smurf, Shag-Bert, which in German means Zottelbert, farted … big time. Annoying-Smurf now puts his hand on the Bar, his axilla is directly in front of my nose and soon I recognize, Annoying-Smurf, doesn’t know much about Water, Soap or Deodorant, that guy stinks like the fart of his friend, Shag-Bert, all the time.

We started to try to get a bit away of those ignorant Idiots, as room got free, behind my “Beau”, at the End four People would have fit into that space between us and the cable-runway. But Shag-Bert and Annoying Smurf are again directly beside us and Annoying-Smurf and the axzilla from hell are again direct in front of my nose. Also Annoying-Smurf kicked and barged me three times. Shag-Bert, smoked a few times, and ignores the “No-Smoking-Law”, but okay The Sisters of Mercy Singer smokes too on the stage, and almost burned me.

So after Shag-Bert, farts again, Annoying-Smurf again stands with his axzilla one Centimetre after we again went a bit away and I’m already very annoyed and angry I start to speak as loud as I can about ignorant Bastards and presumptuous Asshols, who stink like skunks and should better stay at home, as they don’t know the Music and only went to a concert because no one cares about those narrow heads and they have to gain attention with nothing else then unsocial behaviour … Yes my Aggression Level at that point was very high and in a few minutes my Elbow would have said Hello to the rips of Annoying-Smurf.

But actually as they are in the centre of the attention now, they move away. I got back on “my” cable-runway, and finally could enjoy the last quarter of the Show. Also I start to dance a bit.

Now I can see the gestures of the singer, which have something slow and bizarre in it, I liked it. Reminded me a bit about “Strobing”, where people are dancing like they are standing under a Stroboscope, very exhausting by the way.

Durring the encore the audience cheered and as far as I could see out of my, from farts, axzillas and fog irritated eyes, everyone danced.
Again I thought about the bad review from Berlin, it’s not about that The Sisters of Mercy don’t record new Songs and so, as the Berlin review says, don’t make Art anymore. It’s about them bringing joy and good times to their fans and as long as they don’t stand on stage like frozen and do make a show, they give their Art a new form and live … And at the End, it’s kind of they are playing for fun, that should be enough …

At our Way home I have to smirk about that fact, that Festivals like the Nova Rock have kind of a bad reputation. But I never saw such unsocial behaviour there, if someone kicks or barged you, they always say their sorry and sometimes pay you a drink, if you fall on the floor because of a barge they always help you up … Annoying-Smurf and Shag-Bert, if you read this, rather go to Conduct-School or stay at home. No one else at the concert was as unsocial, awkward and restricted as you …

Only a few Pictures you can find here

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