An explosive night in Graz (Styria) with: Ebony Archways; So I Sin; Night Falls Last & The Sorrow

Criticalpixie on tour but why and where? With this notice, I´ve tried to create some curiosity with my readers, but people who read here often already knows, the only thing that could make me do a short trip is sports or Music from really good Bands.

Since back in October 2015, when “The Rock on Halloween” happened, I´m kind of observing the actions of the BandMeetsBand association, founded in 2014 to promote and support local Rock and Metal Bands from Austria, on Facebook. So I got aware of the “Feel-the-Noise-Warm-Up-Festival”. As our favorite Band The Sorrow was the Headliner of that, it quickly was sure to my “Beau” and me, we will be there.

Falsely, we, or rather I, thought the Festival would start at nine p.m. Luckely, we, or rather I, got aware at six p.m., as we arrived at the hotel, that the Festival should already start at seven p.m., so something happened that usually don’t happen that often, we were there on time and not to late.

The Festival took place at a youth centre, which has it all. One “hall” where you can leave your wardrobe, buy merch and drinks. And then kind of an event “hall”.

The Challenge to open the night was on the Band: Ebony Archways, a Band which Hometown is Graz (Styria) and that plays solid Metal and also played one night ago 143 Kilometers away in Twon “Wiener Neustadt”, which is in Lower Austria.

As said, solid Metal with Drums like a thunderstorm, a guitarist who twirled his hair to the Musik and a Singer with a clear voice. Besides the beer of the singer, which was placed in a holder mounted to the microphone-rod, a dark haired beauty catched my eye, who was dancing to all their songs. The “Hall” was a bit empty, which I relate to the fact that most of the people think they aren’t cool if they go out before eight at night. Bad Luck for them, the band seemed a bit cautious, but as they just had played a concert, a day ago, with minimum three hour journey time, they still done a pretty good job.

Before they start performing their last song for that night, they say tanks to Dominik from BandMeetsBand and Max, for the opportunity to play that night, at Feel-the-Noise-Warm-Up-Festival.

A Break happen, during the Band Change, most of the people leaves the hall, which is smoke free. I stayed and followed the Soundcheck of the next band: So I Sin, from towns Hartberg and Fürstenfeld, which are also in Styria and already the Check seems to promise a good show.

Bit by Bit the Fans come back to the hall and So I Sin starts their show. After three Songs, the Hall gets lighted up, the singer makes a little joke and asks to dim the light again, because he is afraid to see for how many people he plays and introduces the next song. I take a look around, now the “Hall” is fuller and almost all bang their heads to the Death-Trash-Metal Sound.

Also the Drums of this Band satisfy the audience, like fireworks they drub over the audience and also the guitar solos seems to catch up with the big ones, sometimes I have to think of Slash. During the Song “Angelking”, the voice of the singer seems to me like “a dark lord”, they finally catched me, standing still is no option anymore also I surrender myself to the rhythm start to bang my head and stomp with my feet.

Between the Songs they always interact with the Fans, who seems a bit “shy”, but as soon as So I Sin start to play again, everyone bangs his head to the beat again. The Bass-Player, who is the most far away from my point of view, starts to catch my eye. With lots of Energy he fills his space on stage. Amazing to see, how he jumps around and bangs his head and also animates all around him to celebrate.

Honestly I’m a bit sad as their gig comes to his end, just when I was ready to hear more from them, but I will, because I bought their CD.

Halftime starts with another break, now my “Beau”and I also leave the very warm “Hall” for some fresh air and to get new drinks. I have to tell the So I Sin singer how amazing they were and also talked to the nice Merch-Man from “Rock on Halloween-Festival”, who is also here.

After Halftime, Night Falls Last enters the stage, but you can also say owns the stage. The Modern Trash Metal Band, which Hometown is Hartberg (Styria) as well, really put lots of Energy to their performance, headt up the crowd and the hall as well. Almost all Hands and Voices seems to be up in the air. As my “Beau” leaves the “Hall” to buy new drinks, he misses a short circlepit. Amazing. Touching seems to be the wrong word, but I am touched from the mood in the “Hall”.

Suddenly again I start to wonder, why there is not more support for such amazing Bands in Austria. I’m pretty sure, Night Falls Last, as well as the Bands before, that night, could easily heat up a Crowd on a big Festival like the Nova-Rock.

The Last Break starts, I continue my thinking and got aware, that it is in fact long time ago I witnessed such a passion and great mood at a concert. The Bands here definitely knows how to rock.
I get a bit sad, that I just get to know, Night Falls Last, as they play the last time in original cast, as their keyboard-player will leave them … And of course I got their CD!

At long last, the break comes to an end. The Sorrow starts to play for their fans, the “Hall” is almost full to overflow. During their song “Burial Bridge” the crowd around me sings so loud with the band, I can’t here the singer anymore. Overwhelming. A BandMeetsBand-Crew-Member stands beside me and starts to celebrate, pretty soon he has to get rid of his hoodie. Absolutely no one is able to stand still.

It seems The Sorrow is playing “better” than last time on Halloween, but it’s mend positive. Awesome to see the same Band twice in a short period of time, with different energy and witness them from another side. I see circlepits and fans who start stage diving, no big surprise as good as The Sorrow plays tonight.

Before they start to play their Song “Crossing Jordan” they ask the Fans to go down on the floor and jump up at the count of four, absolutely everybody does it. Amazing and again the Crowd starts to sing loud with the band.

Then they call a fan up to them on stage, Christopher, who comes, as my “Beau” and myself from Lower Austria and drove over 200 Kilometers, just to see The Sorrow. I guess that says everything.

As the Show and the Nights come to its End, I witness that almost all Hands are up, all the time, as well as Mobile-Phones to capture this Part of the Night and from somewhere in the Audience I see soap-bubbles.

Actually I leave the ground with the great feeling I was part of one of the best Nights and Concerts since a long period of time. The Bands gave the real Feel-The-Noise-Festival a great start up night and in the end you have to say, everyone felt the noise that night …

Pictures you’ll find here … & Videos here

Aftermoive from Cheap Shots Productions

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