The World through the eyes of a ballerina

With the Movie Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky, takes us on trip through the world of classic ballet, with help of Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and the professional dancer Sarah Lane. During the psychological thriller, we get to see scenes where, the perfectionistic main character, played by Natalie Portman, seems to ruin here ballet shoes …

But we don’t get any further explanation for that scene, why does Nina ruin her new shoes? A bit of a pity, to me, because it can seem like self-destroying Nina, wants to hurt herself even more, as we see a few scenes later her oppressed feet.

I, myself, also danced when I was a little girl. The Training was hard, also for a little child, my only benefit against the other children was, that I had “Rubber-Bones”, easily I could do a split, stretch or stand with pointed feet, which our Trainer let us do to early, as I know now.

Interesting to me, muscle-memory until today. Do I strike a pose for funny snapshot even when I lay down, or lift one leg of the ground, I always point my feet, even when I do a handstand.

And also when I go out, to dance, I still often point my feet, my arms also follow some Ballet-Poses and even when I turn, I always have pointed feet.

My love for dancing Ballet stopped as the Ballet-Shoes took place, I hated this pointed-ballet-shoes, with passion, as I had to work against them to point my feet. Back in the Days, no one told my why, today as I’m a bit more interested in dancing again, I know better.

Nina, from the Movie Black Swan, does to her Shoes, what every Ballerina does to them. A to hard sole has to get removed so you can point your feet more easily. Also the sole has to get roughened so you don’t slip on the waxed dance floor. Is the top of the shoe to wide, what becomes a standard today but takes a bit away the illusion of floating over the stage, you cut it how you want it, and sew leather on it or ballet-patches. Also you work the top of the shoe to soften it, with a rubber mallet and water. If you get a blister from dancing you cut a hole in the shoe and put a ballet-patch over it.

But in the end you pretty much again dancing with “uncovered feet”, most of the shoes can’t stand a hole show, so the Ballerinas are dancing with danced-through shoes.

Darian Volkova is a professional Ballet-Dancer and as Dancers can be chameleonic, she also has a talent in Photography, what enables her to catch real moments out of the life of a Ballerina. Through Instagram and her own Homepage, she lets us be part of her world.

I can feel, see and capture it, as only a Dancer can do it … Ballet is my Life, Ballet is who I am and I can show it to the world, how a professional Dancer sees it.

Next to perfect trained Bodies, beautiful Wardrobe and Poses, she also shows the other side of Ballet, battered feet, for instance: I always search for new Ideas for Ballet-Photography. But only takin beautiful Pictures is nothing for me. I want to tell a story … and that’s exactly what she does, in a very impressive Way …

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