Theo Jansen and his Strandbeesten

Most of us would need a second look, if we were faced with this big thing, which walks on legs on the beach … An unknown Species of artificial animals …

Theo Jansen studied physics for seven years in the Netherlands, left the University on his own choice and started to work as an Artist. Whereby he devoted himself to painting … at first.

In 1980 he built an U.F.O., which he let fly over his hometown: Delft and of course caused some civil commotion.

ufo - theo jansen

Since 1990 he works on kinetic art objects, Strandbeesten, what first sound like beast has a simple meaning: Beachanimals.

They are walking “machines” out of plastic pipes, cable ties, nylon thread and tape. Their movement they owe to the wind or compressed air. The Jansens Strandbeesten are in the seventh stage of evolution and shall become independent living beings. In fact, those Strandbeesten, can orient themselves in their environment.

If a storm rises, they anchor themselves into the ground. With their feelers they get aware of obstacles and can change their direction, with help of their linkage.

More Pictures, Videos and Evolution you can witness here or on Facbeook

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