Secret Solstice Festival: the world’s first 1 Million Dollar – Festival Ticket

Summers coming and with it not only Vacation-, but also Festival Time. Mobile Toilets, common shower areas, or self-build showers, Caravans, Station Wagons or Tents to sleep in and at some Festivals a big portion of dust, which covers you after showering and gives kind of a natural sunscreen …

… but this are things you gladly accept, for listening to good Music in great atmosphere and support your Bans. Depending on the comfort you require, you can buy tickets in a price range from 120 to 1.000 Euro, in our Regions.

One Festival overbid this Prices easily, the Secret Solstice Festival on Iceland, they offer a very exclusive Ticket, the world’s most expensive Festival Ticket, for one Million Dollars, or 887.878 Euros, anyhow the offer behind this is also not easy to overbid when it comes to exclusivity.

Secret Solstice Festival takes Place the third time this year, between 16th and 19th of June, because of the position of Iceland, the sun won’t set for three days. Or rather sunrise is about half past three in the Morning and sunset about half past eleven at Night.  But in the few Hours of Night it doesn’t get dark, it’s more like the break of dawn.

Also the Festival is themed and related to the Norse religion and mythology, in a unique atmosphere, with Bands like Deftones, Radiohead, Monsters of Man and many more. The Camp-Area lies in the Green and there will be a transfer to the Blue Lagoon, a 5.000 square foot, bright blue lake whose water temperature lies between 37 and 42 Celsius, in winter. Also normal people can buy a ticket prices starts at 177 Euros, but what’s going on with this 1 Million Dollar Ticket?

Back in 2015, Secret Solstice Festival already offered the world’s most expensive Festival Ticket, with 200.000 Dollars, but obviously that Festival Experience wasn’t exclusive enough, so the Organizers had brought up something new and more exclusive.

Et Voilá for 1 Million Dollar the Ticket Owner can bring five People with him, which actually means the “per head price” is a bit under the price of last year. On this six people waiting: a private business jet-transfer, which picks up the Visitors from everywhere over the world. All Time access to private Chauffeurs with Luxus-Cars and private Security. A Villa with 6 Rooms. Heli-Ride to the almost sold out Side-Events like the first Concert inside a Volcano, more precise in the magma chamber, as well another Side-Event in a Glacier.

Also two private Partys wait for them, one on a boat and one in a geothermic Lagoon and a few more like personal Assistants, Memory Tickets made of Lava-Stone, private Concerts, private Tours, and and and …

Seems that Ticket really live up on its name … Kind of getting interested to visit that Festival myself in 2017, as a normal Person with a normal Ticket …

At Last I stay we can stay curious what they will bring up next year to overbid themselves ….  More info you’ll find here or on Facebook and Instagram has the Pictures …


And don’t forget to visit me on Instagram either.

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