Criticalpixie testing fashion trends: spiced white blouses and undies becoming ovies …


Fashion is Art, sometimes strange, quirk and individually. A bit time ago I got asked when I will write  something funny about Fashion again … As the Fashion trends for 2016 comes up, there seems to be a few reasons to do so…

Long before my Beau I wake up, it was weekend, and as often when I could stay in Bed longer, my Dog which is named: Shadow, seems to have other plans, at half past five in the morning, she started to wake me. Waging her tail against the closet … A few times I send her back on her place to rest a bit, until eight in the Morning, then I got up. At this time I definitely preferred the other Dog, Angel, which was quiet and would have let me sleeping.

With a lead to my Beau’s awakening I already filled my Veins with Coffee and went for a walk with our canine Ladies of the house, which no one of us three really enjoyed, because of the rain.

So I took my Laptop and started searched myself through, World- or rather Fashion happening. Guess what? I found something, but at first I had to make sure I’m not dreaming …

After I was sure I am not dreaming, I decided to test this Fashion Trends on myself … My Beau, awake in the meantime already had Coffee himself and started to go out hunting, which means he drives at one of our favourite Restaurants and brings our favourite dishes in different boxes … So it was the right time to take some pictures, during this test.

For now we start with a simple white blouse, because she needs to get jazzed up for Fashion Year 2016. I think it’s funny that we in German say “aufpeppen”, what seems to come from the Word Pepper, but in English you say spice it up, or rather jazzed up … And Pepper is Spice in some way … Funny ..

Anyhow, one tip to jazz up your blouse is to wear it twisted, meaning the front in the back and the back in the front, as I imagined that my white blouse wouldn’t be so easy to see in front of a white wall, I take a fawn blouse and wear it twisted … It may looks interesting in the Back, but in the front on one hand I feel a bit hanged and on the other hand I have to think about a straitjacket.

Now I make a bit of a mistake, as I take Shadows dog harness, immediately she jumps up, because dog harness means we will be driving away with the car. A bit irritated she watches me, as I put it on myself, while I watch myself in the mirror, Shadow inclines her head with pointed ears, I start to laugh, stroke her head and sent her back on her place. Why I’m wearing a dog harness? Well Fashion Magazine says, a white blouse shouldn’t be innocent and boring anymore, so we shall where kinda “fifty shades of Grey”-harness … As I don’t have access to an adult store, I choose the dog harness …

Anyhow, again, I think my variation offers more support to the bosom, it’s from … ? Size Medium for medium sized dogs and black … The dog harness from Angel is blue, by the way, but black and blue shall be a colour must have this year … Killing two birds with one stone

Now I get aware, that I saw a family, who seems to be tourists, back in November 2015, the littlest daughter also worn a dog harness and her mother held the leash. I was irritated, but thanks to Fashion now I know better: Trendsetters.

Quickly I change my Outfit, after I scratched myself behind my ear, using my foot, to test the next Fashion Trend for Spring 2016, which is kind of bratastic, because we girls buy beautiful lingerie to wear it underneath our clothes. A few months ago fashion magazine guessed us to let the bra flash a bit playful out of our shirts and blouses, poppycock, now we just wear it over it, the blouse or shirt or everything … That could or should be very classy…? And in the correct Combination every Top becomes an eye-catcher … ?

Ok, well quickly I recognize the pros of this trend, as I have pretty underwear myself, which kind of reminds me, of that popular, black ornament, wallpapers. Only difference, my undies have skulls in the middle … Why shall I hide those? I ask myself and start to wear them over my jeans. Great how my jeans look now … or?

Yes a great trend, myself, my bras, undies and as well the dog harness are ready for it …

Story will be continued, so stay tuned for part two and some more tests on how to wear a blouse in 2016 … You can now also find Posts in English on Facebook

Tex is kind of sarcastic and as english is not my native tongue, you may be gentle when you find mistakes, but I gladly take any suggestions for improvement …

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  1. […] At last, Fashion Magazines tells us that SM and Statement Shirts are in Trend. Showing an Instagram Star stating the Devil wears black on her shirt … shoot; I thought the devils wears Prada … Anyway I can do statement to and with that shirt I finally became a Health Goth. I don’t do SM today, because the dogs still don’t recover from the shock of me lending their dog harness … […]

    Gefällt mir

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