Feel the Noise Festival: could you feel it … Part II

My disappointment about missing the Bands, Dark Nativity, APIS and We blame the Empire, got swept away by Uzziel, Fallen Utopia, the Morphean, Epsilon and Vinegar Hill with ablomp performances …

After Vinegar Hill, a fascinating and dynamic Band, as you can read here, we needed a bit more than just five Minutes of a break to reprocess all that positive Impressions of the last three hours. We went outside and ate a Hot Dog, my Beau with cheese kransky and myself the Veggie-Version … Again thanks you didn’t forget the Vegetarians! And even the waiting time was acceptable, considering all the people who wanted to eat at the same time.

Finally we horsed a few minutes around, after we ate, what’s kind of funny as we so a guy wearing a horse-mask outside, on our way back in to see Across the Element on 2nd Stage.

Meanwhile I saw their Stage cam Video, which views the Band at the Beginning of their Performance that Night, and honestly I’m a bit angry I missed it, because the Metaler from Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria, kicked it off right away.

As we enter the smaller Hall it’s pretty filled up, carefully we made our way up to the stage to get some good Pictures, as we went forward I see everywhere celebrating, dancing People who sing along with the Band. After I took a few Pictures, I notice a Fan from the first row, he is busy with head banging, so he untighten the barrier in front of him and moved a bit into the hall, as soon as he notice his little Mistake, he immediately puts it back in its place … I guess that says enough about how much Joy Across the Element brought to their Fans.

Anyhow they arrived with a “tour-bus”, together with their fans, in which they celebrate a bit before the festival. During their Performance they fetch for a fan a rock with him on stage. Simply amazing.

The Singer growls surprisingly clear and uninhibited, I understand him a bit better than Epsilon, his cap sits deep in his Face stays on his head, no matter how he nods it, the Bass is vibrating, the Drums banging and the Guitar Riffs bring it to the point. The Mood gets higher with every Song and at the End, the Audience screams for a Bonus. I am also ready for more of that Band, as I “investigated” them before the Festival I felt in Love with the song, The end of all Times, by the way.

We lost some time at the Merch, to take some of Across the Element home with us, as we enter the Noise Stage again, Sonic Syndicate from Sweden already started their Performance and I see the Singer jumping across the Stage, so instantly I’m gobsmacked from that first positive and high energy loaded Impression.

As I also “investigated” them before the Festival on Facebook and YouTube my Expectations were kind of high, after seeing the Video to the Song, Catching Fire, expectations well fulfilled, even overruled. The whole Show is just amazing, they show off lots of Energy and lust for life, they are everywhere to, meaning in every corner of the Stage, giving their best to interact with every single Person in the Audience … Every now and then the Singer jumps again across the Stage, also Bassist and Guitarist switch sides with movement and celebrate their Solos, even the Drummer stands up some times and heats up the crowd … I can only repeat: I’m gobsmacked, from the Band, their Show and: the Noise!

As international Band Sonic Syndicate brought up more Fans, and also it’s half past eight now, so I guess it’s time to mention the Security, who got praised during the Shows from other Bands as well.  Their presence is important for a save and comfortable Festival or Show, even more as the Fans now start to Stage Dive, the Security help them to get save on Ground before the Stage and get back into the Audience without a scratch. At the Noise Stage I see one Security-Man the whole day directly in Front of the Speakers a hard graft, which you better should not underrate, as they have to stay focused and concentrated … And they were nice and polite too, every time they are a bit in the Way for Pictures they went a bit to the side so you can take pictures, or pass you underneath your camera if they had to go before it and other Crew Members did that too.

Everything tightened up, Pace, Mood and Power, again we take a short Break outside before we went back in to RANT from Kapfenberg in Styria, the Intro is the well-known Melody of the Saw-Movies, immediate I get goose bumps, the Drummer starts and the other Band Members jumping on Stage, take a look yourself, Words can hardly describe it …

A few Feelings ran high and an argument between two tall men starts, as far as I can see Security and Crew is immediately at that Place and arbitrate that argument without any violence or reproval. Thanks to that the great Night can continue for Everybody and I can enjoy RANT again.

The singer wispers, during a song the Lyrics, Wake up in his Microphone before he raise his voice to a powerful growl … a bit later he and the 2nd Vocals sings a Passage about, Loosing You, I have to think of a sad wolf howling, but not in a negative way, and both times I get goose bumps again.

We are feeling the Noise since Hours clearly, again we take a break outside, also to recover our eyes from fog of the fog-machines, as we went back in, Caliban is already rocking the Noise Stage …

The Level got high, because of the Bands before Caliban, but they have no problem to keep up and overbid that. The Metaler from Essen, Germany, heats up the Crowd even more, no sit down for the Audience or the Crew, again Security takes care of Stage Divers.

Every now and then I lose the Singer out of the Focus of my Camera, he is rocking with his Fans, as near as possible, in a break between their songs I hear screeching girls … At the End of their Show they spread around their water bottles to the Audience and the Securitys and say thanks to them for their great work during the Show.

Over to 2nd Stage to see Norikum from Graz, Styria, we don’t take a break because I’m to curious about that Band. What can I say, nothing else then they know what they are doing, I got the feeling to stand directly in the middle of a Melodic-Trash-Metal thunderstorm. But they give short Breaks to the Audience with acoustical parts and melodic Sections, just to start up again with growling … I get a similar feeling like when I listen to older Darkest Hour numbers, Norikum sends me on a journey through my feelings. They captured the whole Audience and I myself also stop to take pictures to enjoy my ride with them. I WANT MORE!

Dark Tranquillity is next on Noise Stage, lucky for us they have a bit delayed, so we can take a longer break outside, an we kind of needing it, even if not every Band hits exactly our taste in Music, what they don’t have to do, you always got caught from the Energy … The level of energy was pretty high the whole Day with all Bands and Audience.

Of course the well-known Metaler from Sweden know exactly what they are doing, as they are in Business long and ruled many Shows. Suitable they start their show with the Song, The Science of Noise, I enjoy the Idea that they maybe picked that song to start as homage an all that Bands before them …

Truly the Bands at Feel the Noise festival and as well the Audience and Crewmembers, celebrated a Day full of Science of Noise.

Defiance to the late hour, as it is past eleven at night, Dark Tranquillity also gives everything, from epic Melodies, badass Riffs, thunderous Drums over full-throated and sometimes polite Vocals and episodes with Keyboard that may be a bit Gothic, what they can offer after years of experience and ten Albums.

It’s finally Time for the Last Band La Resistance on 2nd Stage, the Band from Trofaiach, Styria near Erzberg,  have a Home-Game, but don’t have it to easy, during the first numbers only a few People are in Front of the Stage, slowly it changes and more and more people come to see them, but my Beau and myself have to give up, we are kind of exhausted … Because also La Resistance heats up the Crowd again, razor-sharp and flogging riffs, booming drums, a full bass and brute Vocals, hits us again …

Very tired we went back to our car, we couldn’t make it until the End of the Performance from La Resistance, but my Beau and myself are sure to keep an eye on them and visit one of their next Performances … By the way I enjoy their song Sex, Drugs and Sharks


I can just close with a big THANK YOU, to Organization from Band Meets Band, all Bands who played, all Crew Members, Security, Paramedics and of course that brought up Noise. Everyone really caught up the Motto of that Festival and gave us a very good time … Of course there were a few small technical issues, but that’s how live Performances are, it didn’t cause any harm to the positive Energy or Mood … You just can say: MORE PLEASE!!!

Pictures here

Videos soon

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