Feel the Noise Festival: could you feel it … Vinegar Hill

Almost swept away from the Bands Uzziel, Fallen Utopia, the Morphean and Epsilon, we resort ourselves back to Noise Stage to listen to Vinegar Hill

Vinegar Hill, already pleased the Ears of my Beau and of course myself, already back in 2015 during the first day of Nova Rock Festival, with sympathetic Words between their Songs, it seemed they easily won over the audience in front of the Stage and also brought my Beau and myself to Nod our Heads. Their Joy and Energy seems now, as well as back then, boundless.

After all you have to consider, that the Bandmembers are also the Founders of Band Meets Band, an Austrian Music-Association, established to promote local Bands and get them on Stage with international and as well national Artists, where Musicians belong to be.

Also they help young Artists and Newcomers in Questions about, Booking, Promotion and Production of CD’s and Videos.

Related to this Engagement we can visit accomplished Events, Concerts and Festivals like the Rock on Halloween, Feel the Noise Warm Up and of course Feel the Noise Festival, itself.

Quite mentionable, that there organisational Engagement, which can be pretty much exhausting, as they have to Work a few Days before, during and after the Festival non stop, don’t harm there Performance on Stage in anyway.

During the Intro, the Band enters the Stage, in a good temper, the hard Work from the last days seems to don’t affect them, for a brief moment the Microphone don’t work, but just seconds later you hear the Voice of the Singer “Are you ready?!”, of course the Crowd is ready, shows it with full throated jubilation and here we go.

Firebirds, the Song, which gives me the needed Motivation to run up that hated uphill passage on my mileage, opens the Show.

I can not help, I have to mention again, keeping their hard work of the last days in mind, they bring up an energetic, spirited and fascinating Performance.

They seem to be everywhere across the stage, at the same time, a well-rehearsed and harmonic Team, who takes their Fans with aplomb on a Trip through their World of Modern-Melodic-Trash-Metal.

Who couldn’t feel the Noise until now, can definitely feel it yet. Before every song they interact with their Fans, in one break between the songs the Singer mentioned, you shouldn’t put up with everything, stand up foryourself and don’t underprice yourself, because in the end we are all equal. Vinegar Hill is one of that few Bands out there, who make me feel this words are honestly spoken.

I am not able to capture that amazing Energy, Joy and felt Noise with my Camera or my Words, I have a hard time take my eyes from the Stage and observe the Audience around me, but every time I do it, I see happy and frolic celebrating people.

The Singer of Norikum joins in for one Song … Fog Columns find their way in the air, the manes of the band and the audience rotate and as finally sparks flying across the stage, the jubilation of excited and well entertained people hits me. Everybody feels it, or him … The Noise!

Between their last songs, Vinegar Hill finds also nice and thankful Words for all Workers at that Festival, who works voluntary and absolutely gave their best, making that Festival as comfortable and smoothly as possible. I couldn’t see or feel any major Problems at the Entrance, Bar, or anywhere else. So all Volunteers and Workers deserved that following applause, no question.

Also the Bandmembers themselves, we saw many times active working for that Festival, before and after their own Show. Again it seems that Guys won’t lose any Energy, what makes their Performance even more special, to me. All Day on their Feed and still rocking their Performance.

Before their last Song they request the Audience to Move with no Excuse, I can’t help, put my Camera away and follow their Wish without any protest … Even for a picture of them on Stage and their Fans in the Hall I joyin the Crow, something I normally don’t do.

I repeat myself, but can only close with a great Praise about that amazing Band and agile Men, with the awareness that they deserve nothing less than their own Article … My Beau and myself already heated up by the other bands, can’t help but think, with Vinegar Hill the Festival got really heated up … We looking forward to see them again on 21 of May in St. Pölten, Lower-Austria, definitely a Band you should see live!

Pictures here

Videos soon

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