Criticalpixie testing Fashion trends: Out of Bed Look

At that Moment I’m kind of thinking I’m really a Trendsetter, I wore that Boyfriend-Style-Thing long before everybody it became a Trend, I also see myself as a Trendsetter for this new Spring-Fashion-Trend as an Article, in German, proofs: With jogging pants at the Office … But enough of that, even if such conceit knows no bounds, let’s start with more Fashion trends for Spring …

Overslept? No worry, then our first Trend is about Hair, called shock-headed Petra, Fashion-Magazine explains, we love our Hair in the Morning, when it’s wild and unkempt. That Look is that great that even Stars throw away their Brushes, but you better read further before you take any actions.

Because for that wild shock-headed Petra look you need instruction: How to … the more waves your hair has the merrier, so woman with straight hair shall use Ocean-water-sprays. Your hair should be chin-length, because otherwise it wouldn’t look good. A layered cut is recommended.

And then we have to style that whole thing, what’s kind of funny, Fashion Magazines overslept no worry and then you have to style something that should be undone … Crazy. You have to brush your wet hair, so we see we still need a brush, I love discrepancy in Fashion-Magazines, even more between two passages, it’s kind of amusing … Anyhow, if your wet hair is brushed, you dry it a bit with your dryer and then you tie a bun, when that’s try, what can take hours, you open it and tug your hair into place with your fingers … Yep really easy to do if you overslept …

I get asked often if I don’t have a brush, that undone, shock-headed Petra, Look is no problem for me, driving with open Windows in my car …  That’s more easy to do, if you overslept I guess.

Hair chopped, just saying not doing, so let’s move on, as not only hair is an issue when you overslept, but we can take a breath, because Fashionistas just go out in their sleeping-clothes …

For the Pyjama-Look, a passion for silk is recommended, because than you always find the right thing to combine and you combine it with Jeans, Leather, Wool and of course High Hells Heels … And don’t be afraid to use All-Over-Prints.

To serve Science, or just serve Entertainment and serve the suffer of my beau, I go after everything that’s suitable in my closet … Fashion-Show starts

Meekly I have to confess, that if you wouldn’t see the bunch on the belly you could really wear that combination of black-silk Pyjama and trench-coat to the office, damn. Well-behaved I wear High Hells Heels, meaning pumps, but as I don’t want to overtax the mood of my beau I stay with one brown pair and don’t cause a shoe-mess too.

My All-Over-Print combination, is a “pinched”, beauish, Pyjama Pants, so I stay related to my boyfriend style, as it’s the Pyjama pants of my beau, which I “pinched” it a half year ago and never returned back, I like more than the Combination of that Magazine … Please take notice of my scarf, left, white with black crosses, today he asked for his big appearance and I gladly fulfil his wish, as he keeps my neck warm often during winter.


I start to play around with that Pyjama Pants of my beau and a Men’s-Shirt, not pinched, bought myself, left and a blue Blazer, right … In the Middle you see me , without High Hells Heels, but in lace boots, a Hoodie pinched from my Beau, and a jogging pant also pinched of my Beau … Poor Beau, someday he won’t have anything to wear … and a Leather-imitation-Jacket, an Outfit in which you can sometimes really meet me on the street, underneath that I wear a tank-top with lace, so there is one peace reminding of sleep-wear. But sometimes I really sleep in that combination, without the jacket and the boots, of course.


As next I reach for a sleeping-top, for summer, I believe it’s a sleeping-top, there was a trend wearing lace-tops, that looks like under- or sleep-wear, a few years ago. To that I combine a ?Pants, I don’t know what fabric it is, it’s a summer-pants, close to linen, and in some way it reminds me of a Pyjama-Pants, so it fits to that test and a squared blazer, which has no button so I put it together with a fixing pin.

My grimace I chopped it’s really funny on the whole picture and took place because I got aware that there is a knot in that sawed in belt of that pants, I open it on the picture.  Left handed of that a Look you can really find me in the office, using another white shirt, which I couldn’t find, that’s why I hold my mobile-phone in that picture, playing a busy Business-Lady.


Even that dressing-gown deserves to be worn outside, instead of a blazer or jacket. Bound with the Belt you can also use that soft fabric as a dress. I observe a problem, my dressing gown is from such soft fabric, that it won’t stick together, without showing of my undies sometimes … But maybe that’s planed, as we already wear our Undies as Ovies …?

I’m not a friend of that whole dressing gown thing, these Looks should be mentioned out of Bed, I get that, but when I got out of bed and undress myself to wear normal clothes, why the hell should someone really take a dressing-gown instead of a blazer, blouse or jacket?


Just one more and we are done for today, even that classic Negligee, today called Slip-Dress, of fine fabric to, we take out to clubs or work. That’s something I don’t like about that Trend the whole time, thinking Nightwear in Clubs, Office and the Street and then? Go back in Bed in them …

Anyhow for colder days you wear a Blazer or a cool Leather jacket to it, I am that cool that I choose my Handbag with a brass knuckles on it, to the outfit in the middle. Understatement is everything.

And then we get the clou about that Slip-Dress thing, transparency seems to be very important this fashion year, so you also wear transparent Slip-Dresses, to avoid deep looks you wear a panty and bustier, or rather a body underneath it. I got inspired of Coachella-Music-Festival and wear a crochet bathing suit. Yes, I really feel myself protected of any deep looks and so I’m ready to go to the office or at a club, mean a beach club should be fitting the look on the left.


After all I’m not assured of thes looks … By the way, who has seen it? That strange leather-imitated-bustier thing in the last picture? Don’t know what that really is, guess it’s from a fancy-dress, but I stay true to that SM or Dog-Harness Look, which we learned about here … Mixed up style is everything.

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