Overdrive Festival: Rock with strangers in familiar atmosphere … Part I

It’s Wednesday, eight p.m., just now I decide to shut down my laptop as I receive a message on Facebook.
Jan: Thanks for your last Review, are you guys coming to the Overdrive-Festival too?

Hello Jan, …, unfortunately we won’t be there in Styria.

What a Bummer, can’t change that …

My Beau sits beside me, we were working on some Word-Documents, for a charity-soccer-game, what will take place next day, Thursday. After the last message I say “Oh no” loud.

“What’s going on?”, my Beau asks.

“Jan from Band Rant just wrote me a message, asking if we could come to a Festival, I said no, look what he answered.”

“Till then, we have some time to think about it”, he twinkles.

So I answer Jan that we will think about it and I will give him an answer until Friday evening. Quickly I wrote a message to our best friend, Max, if he could take care about our Dogs and Max immediately answers “Yes”. Thank you, Max.

Friday evening my Beau and I are a bit exhausted, from that charity-soccer-game and the work during and after it, as well from our normal work on Friday. In the Evening we visit some Friends in their rehearsal room and finally decide to go to Overdrive Festival, so I wrote Jan a message, he looks forward to it, and I’m happy he is happy.

On Saturday-morning, I go for a run with my to dogs, they feel that there is something going on and are a bit exhilarated.

Punctually we leave our home at noontime, as we decided either to camp or sleep in our Car, I wanted to stop at the drugstore and buy some “cleaning-wipes”, for the whole body, as well as this disinfectant hand gel, which replaces hand washing.

I only have one black pair of Jeans with me, and as a Woman I suddenly got a bit worried if this would match the weather on that day, the fabric is pretty thick and if the weather is as  sunny as said, this jeans would be to warm, so we go to the cloth shop next door and buy a grey skinny jeans, with thin fabric named “Gisele”.

At the parking lot, our car stands in the sun, it’s pretty hot inside and I decide to change my jeans now, also because sun is burning on my thigh, when sun hits that black thick fabric of the jeans I’m wearing, I change jeans in my car, and as usual I bought them 2 sizes bigger but suddenly the fabric above my knees tears apart, I often heard I have “sharp” bones, guess that’s the prove of that. My beau and I look, a bit flabbergasted, at each other, then we laugh and make jokes about that, saying ripped jeans anyway fits better to a rock festival and continue with our trip.

During the car-journey my thoughts starts to fade away a bit and all of a sudden I really start worry about, that the thin fabric will also rip over my behind, when I have to bend down, something I stayed worry about the most time.

Near Kapfenberg in beautiful Styria, we drove in heavy rain and as Rant should already play since five minutes, we stop at the parking lot, near the festival.

Quite wet we enter the festival ground, a parking lot of a college of higher education. The Place seems kind of empty, because most of the visitors took shelter from the rain in that huge party tent, were the second stage is in, or under sheltered ale-benches and beneath the marquee of catering cars.

The Guys from Rant are already on that big open air stage, wait for the rain to stop and play a bit around. We also went forward to a catering car and order something to drink and start listening with pleasant anticipation as the Artists starts to play a short Passage of their song Closer.

It seems with their interlude, they make the sun come out, because now rainfall turns into mizzle and stops, again their Intro, well known form the Saw-Movies gives me goosebumps. Then they start powerful with their Song Arise, followed from shortly heard Closer, which is pretty awesome. Before Wake up, with that whisper passage, they play Drowning, up next is Losing You, which I already like, but that time I don’t hear them that good, and finish there Show with Where we belong.

On that Stage they have more space, than on Feel the Noise Festival and use it completely. The five Men from Kapfenberg, which should be in their thirties, have a home game. During enjoying their Art it gets clear they are creating their own sound. After hearing them on disk, were they are already pretty good, I think you should hear them live, Lyrics and meaning of Where we belong touches you more live, because of their performance. Show up to their next concert and convince yourself.

Time Table for Overdrive Festival says, when one Band is finished, the other Bans starts on the other stage, but as Rain shifted the Time Table for the Open Air Stage a bit, the Old Runznickels already playing at the Stage in the tent. The Band from Graz, Styria, dedicated their Name to diggers, back in the days Old Runznickels was a Name for diggers, who won Nickel out of the Mountains, from which coins were made.

That Punk-Musicians quiet hit my taste, with theiry sarcastic and humorous lyircs, with Decades they broach the issue of homophobia. They make jokes on Stage and it seems they are playing easy and maybe with no plan. Short breaks, because of switching guitar of the Singer they spice up with entertaining instrumental passages. With their song Fading away, they remind me a bit of Green Day, before they were named Green Day. Theres only one really tiny space for “critic”, sometimes I don’t hear the Bass-player that well. But all in all, they are a joy to hear and see.

By the way, during their performance they indicate, that you can download their album for free, you’ll find a link on their Facebook-Page … So download, listen to it and joy in their next performance.

On next there will be Capisze on the Open Air Stage, that Melodic-Hardcore band from California is now a really phat Contrast to just heard Old Runznickels and so I need a few songs to joy in there harder sound.

Shortly said, tons of energy, they blare their songs to the audience ears and also take some time for short interactions, especially as they take notice of an older man in front row, who rocks and dances to their songs, all of the band members have nice words for him and say thanks to him. At the last song, the singer gets down from stage and celebrates with the audience at one level. Spinning is microphone and hair around.

You can see their energy on YouTube and hear singing and growling alternate harmonious.

Guess I have to mention, it’s easy to see Capsize and the other Bands after their performances, because all of them joy in the crowd and visit, like normal visitors, other Bands, take time to talk to their fans, drink something with them or take pictures with them, really great to see that. They all are not Stars who sets themselves apart, even some of them already made themselves a name in national and international Business.

We went back to the stage in the tent, to listen to the Headgrenades from Vienna, who play solid Punk-Rock. Now I have to say for myself it’s a bit to loud in the tent, so I go outside after I took some pictures and listen to them from outside. Personally I enjoy the Sound of the Headgrenades, the female Bass-Player gives, with her voice, a great contrast to the voice of the Male-Singer. Just listen to their Song Reflections.

Then we switch to the Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space, as a simpatico looking men, crosses our way, he smiles at us and as he asks “You are Pixie, correct?” I’m completely perplex.

Which makes my brain turn into “emergency-situation”, someone I can’t identify that easy, identifies me. Then a Name comes into my head, that must be Jan, it only can be Jan, even if he don’t looks like Jan, but I’m sure I know him.

“You are Jan?”, I say with no belief.

“No, I’m Thomas from Vinegar Hill.”, now I can identify him and I get a bit self-conscious, like a little, caught, Girl I step from one food to another.

“Oh yes, true, I’m sorry”

Quickly I told him the story about that online-conversation with Jan, about that Festival.  Still I feel pretty awkward.

Thomas thanked me for my review about Vinegar Hill on Feel the Noise Festival, it was great to read, and now I get a bit shyly but I’m very glad, that my Words pleased them, as they pleased my ears with their music. We say our goodbyes and both of us are happy to see again on 21fst of May in St. Pölten, Lower Austria.

Text is already pretty long, so we take break, lets stay tuned when we return, later today, with the great performances of Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space, Lost in Astoria, Landscapes, Jack Disconnect, Die Rakede, The Overalls, Kontrust, Giants and Russkaja …


As well how I got fully wet, without rain, changed my clothes completely in my car and great Paramedics, firefighters and security ….

Pictures here

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