Overdrive Festival: Rock with strangers in familiar atmosphere … Part II

Now we know, why I arrived dressed appropriate in a new pair of Jeans at Overdrive Festival and why I worried about maybe showing off my naked behind. More interesting that Rant seem to get the sun out and stopped the Rain with their Song Closer, what’s about the Name of the Old Runznickels, who reminds me a bit of Green Day, that even Rockers from sunny California like to rock beautiful Styria, more precisely, Capsize and that there are also very great female Bass-players out there, as the Headgrenades showed … Even that, in surprisingly situations only my brain stem seems to take over all control …

After the short and nice talk with Thomas from Vinegar Hill, my Beau and I went as far as possible to the right of the Open Air Stage, to listen to the Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space, that’s also a really tiny space for “critic”, if you stay on the left side of the Open Air Stage you can hear the sound check from the other stage in the tent, or Music which is playing during dismounting and mounting of the Bands.

I already heard about that Amadeus, an Austrian music Award, wining Band and I also saw a few of their Videos via YouTube. However it’ s completely different thing seeing them and their Horrorbilly-appearance on stage, moreover till that performance I didn’t recognize that the Drummer is also the Singer of the Band, something I just know from Phil Collins and Genesis.

The Band kind of put a spell on you, not only because of their very own Looks, the Singer: Dead Richy Gein, either had a very good vocal training or is a vocal talent, pretty soon I’m kind of paralyzed of his acoustic spectrum and singing … They Remind me a bit on Marylin Manson, the Band, not the Solo Artist, in their early days. Every member of the Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space has his own Show-character and alias, who they breathe life in during their performance.

Dr. He-Mann Schreck plays with a real Bass, meaning this big heavy thing we know from orchestras, I really love that, amazing.

Some of you may know Falco with that Song Rock me Amadeus, we Austrians also know him for many other songs, I never was a Fan of Falco and didn’t even like his music, but as the Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space starts to play Vienna Calling, one of that annoying Falco-Songs, even I start to sing and dance along … Until now I don’t know why must be some strange Power from Planet Transilvania.

Anyhow my Beau and I are sure, now the concert starts, the Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space brings a very good Mood to the Crowd absolutely everybody is having a good time. It’s really not easy to describe their powerful Performance, even in my mother-tongue, shortly they get support from a beautiful Vampire-Lady in a long Dress, at a later song a butcher wearing a Pig mask and caring a humans head, no worry wasn’t real, enters the Stage and soon after there’s a horny werewolf on Stage during the Song Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory … Really amazing to be able seeing them live.

Later I see also these Guys, from Bloodsucking Zombies, walking around in the Crowd, listen to other Bands, or talking with their Fans, clink glasses and of course taking pictures with their Fans.

Time to switch to the other Stage, Lost in Astoria, already plays, as we enter the Tent I see a beautiful blond woman rocking on stage, she lifts her hand and I hear a great voice, blowing my mind away. Unfortunately I can’t stay inside the Tent to long, as mentioned it’s a bit too loud for me, so I went outside after taking a few Pictures and enjoy hearing them from outside. Soon it’s clear to me I hope I can hear that Band from Vienna soon again. May you enjoy them to, you can listen to them on Bandcamp.

On next are Landscapes that British guys are a bit too hard for me, with their Melodic-Hardcore in the beginning, but I can see they already cached everyone else. They go crazy on Stage as you now can see on their Facebook-Page were a review-Video is already online. Unfortunately on that you don’t get to see that funny action, as the singer from Capsize enters the Stage and form Weed out of that Big Letters in front of Stage, which till that point said Modern Earth, what is Landscapes new Album.

Today Landscapes will play in Vienna on Monday in Germany, then in Poland and so on, as you can see here. Amazing these Guys are running Shows since 4th of May, every Day until June with Capsize and Giants. After taking notice of that, I’m even more impressed of their Show.

I got hit from a full cup of beer and a running by “Lady” barge me after looking me directly in my eyes, so my just bought cup of Mineral also burst out on me, its seven in the afternoon, so shortly said I’m pretty wet and it’s getting cold. So we completely miss Jack Disconnect, as we went to our car, so I can change my wet clothes against something warm and dry, which takes pretty much time, as people are walking by. Thanks to my Dog-blanket, which normally protects my car of Dirt and Fur, I am protected from showing off too much, as I change my clothes underneath it.

As we finally move back from our car to the Festival Area, we can already hear the next Band, die Rakede, which basically means The Rocket and is spoken out in Slang, with German Future music they bring alternation to that Festival. Also they joke around a lot, I’m still not sure if they are missing one of their testis, an engine or one of their members, anyhow a Mac-book it’s replacing … it or him. Between other Songs they mention that you should go to Festivals and support your Bands, because that’s the only way to support People who are living from family credit and dream about becoming rock stars.

Back to the Stage in the Tent, were the Metal/Rock crossover band, the Overalls, is playing. Funny that the first thing that catches your eye really are their Overalls, Black with a green stripe for the singer, blue for the Bass-player, red for the guitarist and yellow for the Drummer, if he also wears colour matching shoes, like the others, I can’t see. They seem very simpatico on Stage, the singer seems to be in a really good Mood, and they also interact a bit with the crowd, who seems to enjoy that Band. I myself would also like to hear more from them, the first song I’ve heard from them is a catchy song called Envy.

I’m not sure, but it seemed to me Kontrust had a few technical Issues on the Open Air Stage, I see one Microphone getting replaced during their performance, and also the female Singer, who has a powerful voice and performs in a dirndl, I sometimes, suddenly, don’t hear that loud. But they don’t let that turn down their temper. Female and male singers are all over the stage, dancing, jumping and of course singing. They mention that this is their first show this year and I got that feeling they started their year pretty good.

The Last Band on the Stage in the Tent starts, Giants from London, again I need some time to switch to their harder Music, but then they soon catch me with their heavy Sound, powerful growls and melodic singing as well. The Tent is filled up, so we stay in the back of it, but there we can’t see their Show that good, indeed we see the Singer of La Ressistance, having a good time and ordering drinks at the Bar.

The Rockers form, Four Year Strong, also seems to have some technical Issues, several times we can see the guitarist on the right playing a solo, but don’t really hear it. Then an accident drags our attention to it, a guy in an orange T-shirt, who we saw the whole day run and celebrate, bounce into someone, while running, as far as we can see out of the corner of our eyes, hits the asphaltic Ground with his head and lies motionless. My blood freezes, as I want to move to help, the paramedics, fireman and security are already there. I’m really scared as he doesn’t move for minutes and a stone roll off my heart, as he finally awakes and sits up with the help of paramedics, fireman and security.

I can see the back of his head and neck is full with blood, but as I don’t want to be rude and stare, I look back to the stage, also I can’t do anything and he is in really good hands … So I guess that’s properly the time to say THANKS to the paramedics who shown their presence the whole day and really quickly where there when needed, as well the fireman and Security.

So there are only the Headliners left, Russkaja, who bring Peace, Love and Russian Rock’n’Roll to that Festival. After an impressive Intro, in which every Instrument and Artist got his own time for a big entrance, the Singer enters the Stage with a thundering and rolling “Overrrrdrrrrrrive”, the Crowd goes wild. As we decided to drive over 200 Kilometres home tonight, we only listen to a few songs. I’m very impressed of the female violin player, she bangs her head, while she’s playing it, which means the violin lies on her shoulder besides her neck, amazing … A quote enters my head, while watching it, string instruments mostly make people leave a performance, who said that clearly doesn’t know Russkaja … By the way do you knwo their cover from Avicis Wake me up? It’s amazing.


So all in all a very well done and organized Festival, I’m really happy celebrating the 10th Anniversary together with Overdrive, thanks to Jan from Rant for that “invitation” … Never before I had the chance to experience that strong bond between performing and not performing Bands live. Much less, that almost all Artist runs around the area without any “diva-moments” as “normal” Festival-Visitors, talking, celebrating and drinking with their fans and never said no if someone wanted pictures with them … With extremely positive Impressions I come to … the end.

Pictures here

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