A night beyond words, because of Harbringer, So I Sin, Uzziel and Vinegar Hill

A few time I start a sentence and deleted it again, how can I describe my experience of last Night? Simple: You really missed something …

Surprisingly my Beau and I made it in time into his Car, Stella, but couldn’t start our trip on time. Otto, who’s name isn’t Otto and lives a few houses away from ours and his funny bullmastiff, who is really into our canine Mistresses and scared me terribly as he once placed his big head on my lap, after I parked my car and opened its door at night, instead of passing my by … Where were I …

Oh yeah, so Otto and his dog went by, as my Beau started his Car, Stella, after the V-Belt caused a mouse , who searched for something warm during winter, its live, it made funny noises, meaning the V-Belt … Otto was hearing them so he went by and start to talk to my beau, leaning himself against Stella.

Time quickly went by during their conversation and I didn’t want to be uncourtly I amused myself with the Dog, who also sometimes seems to believe he is a Chihuahua and leans his 60 Kilos against me, or try to sit on lap … funny dog …  and waited for them to finish.

Finally too late we started our Trip to Freiraum St. Pölten, in Lower Austria, after a 45 minute ride, in which I painted my shoes black, because blue didn’t fit my outfit …

As we got out of the car we could already hear Harbringer, but as there was a motorcycle dealer we had to stop and look at the beautiful old Bikes he had in his Showing Room, after a few minutes we enter that Night Club.

The Room for the Concert was kind of little and I wondered why there were only a few People listening to them … I thought Maybe it’s because Harbringer is a new band, but however the Trash-Metaller had a home game …. Unfortunately there is no Demo out yet, but it should come soon. After a few Songs its clear to me I’ll stay tuned for it.

Maybe it’s too early? was my Thought after the first break. But as So I Sin started, still not more people arrived … I can say with conviction your bad luck.

So I Sin stayed positive in our minds, after Feel the Noise Warm Up, full of pleasant anticipation I listened to their Solis, the Bass-Player and of course the singing. I stay with what I said, a voice like a dark lord. I have goose bumps Every time the singer blare out, the refrain of the same called song: So … I … Sin!

They played full of joy and even there were not much visitors they don’t disappoint the few that are here, interact with the Audience and also made a few good jokes. Again the Bass-Player lead my eyes and attention to him, a real bundle of energy, with confidence he steps forward to the Audience and also blares some lines of the text with the singer, without having a microphone, so you can really see he enjoys his music.

As there last song is over, I’m too shy to scream for a bonus track, but it was my wish to hear one more from them.

During the next break the room got empty and so my Beau and I also went to the Bar to order Drinks. As we went back in as Uzziel made their Soundcheck, Dominik Stadler, the singer of Vinegahr Hill comes over. Say welcome to us and thanks for writing and visiting their Shows … Well there will be definitely many more to visit, as they are not only great Performers but also seems to be heartily Persons … more of that after Uzziel.

That Uzziel somehow lost a Member, as they forgot him at a Gas Station, doesn’t bring any damage to the Gig of that simpatico Guys of Upper Austria. Again we can enjoy a great Metall-Cabaret, but don’t think they have to compensate anything with their great sense of humour.  They play with a big portion of verve and lots of talent, Singing and melody, nothing to complain about.

A really good mood catches me, a person who has normally a bearish attitude and I guess Uzziel is responsible of that good mood who makes me sing and dance. You really have to check out this great Guys form Upper Austria. Captured still is a catchy song to me and just now I … enjoy(?) … my Beaus ears singing the refrain over and over again …

Again a short break follows and my Beau and I start to play a bit around, in the Background I hear Firebirds from Tape and hope to hear it soon live, as it is a song from Vinegar Hill, now I wonder if the Name of that Band is related to the battle of Vinegar Hill during Irish rebellion …

Vinegar Hill is ready, but the Audience, who really didn’t get that more is still outside, while the Band plays the first melodies, the Singer jumps off the Stage and starts singing outside, kind of amazing got watch. As he got back with the Audience he enters the Stage and every single one of the Band gives their best to entertain and heat up the little crowd.

The People seems a bit still as my feelings running up that hill as they play Firebirds, I really enjoy that song and as I was running earlier that day I got a real boost of Energy, as I was sure not to make it up that last hillock a few minutes away from home, as that song started in my ear it seemed I could tackle it easily and kept running.

The Guys from Vinegar Hill heighten there Energy-Level and finally as they start to play The Cage even the calmest Visitor can’t help and start to bang his head.

It’s Halftime as Vinegar Hill says thanks to the organizer of that Concert-Night and to “Wolferl”, a Guy who visits every Underground-Festival.

Soon the Singer leaves the Stage again and shake hands with everyone who is here, while he is singing for him … for us … Unbelievable I’m totally gobsmacked of that and my good mood also gets a boost.

For me the Night ends to soon, I enter the lavatory and after I came out I notice that almost everyone already left the Night Club. Also my Beau and I went outside to walk to our car. As I hear Ice Ice Baby from Vanilla Ice, I start to dance silly. As we went through a Corner we can see that Uzziel is packing their stuff and that song comes out of their Van … What can I say, the singer of Uzziel gives me the honor of a short dance and wishes us a great night and a safe ride home, with a big smile on his face … GOBSMACKED!

Even that Concert Night didn’t have that much visitors, every single one of every single Band absolutely gave his best to enjoy the few people that were there. I couldn’t feel or see any difference in comparison with their Performances on Big Festivals with lots of Fans … Well maybe I do feel a difference, because that Concerts where kind of with a private Feeling you could fell their esteem even more … I have to say thanks for one of my top ten best Nights in my life, or to be hones for one of my top five best Nights … A big compliment to Harbringer, So I Sin, Uzziel and Vinegar Hill … TERRIFIC!

And thinking of Sports I have to say The Road To Grace is an energy booster for me too and that voice of the guitarist, Michael Dreschnig, during the Refrain gives me goose bumps every time …

Here you can see Pictures taken from klaus klemens.com

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