1st Day at Nova Rock: or Vikings, Wrestlers and Weather

“Don’t you write Reviews in English anymore …?” I got asked a few days ago, or to be exact one week ago, a day after I published the first Nova Rock Article in German, my native tongue… Of course I do but lately I was a bit busy and translating my Texts into English needs a bit extra time, so I had a little time issue, if you say so … Frittered, so here we go

Big day finally came, I understood it as a portent that I had to come to office on Thursday 9th of June, what was the first day of Nova Rock Festival, as well as my fist leave day, for at least one hour.

Back home at nine in the morning I prepared myself for a run with the canine landladies, later that day a good friend of mine, Max, will come and take care of them until Monday.

We left our Home as Skillet already played, yes I was a bit miffed and it shouldn’t get better as there was a construction site on our motorway and even after passing that we couldn’t drive fast, heavy rain sets in.

Sunny Burgenland showed off cloudy and as we, my Beau and I, arrived in Nickelsdorf at the Pannonia-Fields we got aware that a few minutes ago rain must have stopped there, as the ground was still wet.

Are you in for bit information? The Area is called Pannonia-Fields, because of Pannonian basin, nine years anno domini, it was a roman province where Pannonians, in Hungary, who where a clan of the Illyrians. Geological it’s what’s left of the Pannonian Sea, which existed for nine million years … Only a big Lake remains Neusiedler See, Austrians biggest Lake, but a little part of that lake is still on Hungarian Ground. If you ever visit Nova Rock there’s a Shuttle from the Festival to that Lake, where you can swim, surf, eat, relax etcetera and of course back to the Festival.

We could hear Breaking Benjamin as we arrived at the Parking Lot, it was sunny and warm as we started our little journey, so our clothes were a bit to aestival for the weather at the festival. Let me tell you change your clothes in a stuffed car is real fun and may has a bit of a yoga workout.

Quick we went to the center area to check our festival wristbands and a cashless card, because due to a new, complicated and honestly said a bit stupid, law about cash registers, this year Nova Rock was cashless and on to the Blue Stage, which was the only one open that first day.

Puscifer already played, I knew them only from vinyl and never saw them, either on pictures or videos. So maybe no wonder I was a bit surprised seeing them for the first them.

To Begin with the first thing that catch my eye was a boxing ring in center of the stage, next I saw dancers, with wrestling masks and well known wrestler outfits, but a bit more like wrestler wear in south America, on both sides of the stage one male and one female on one side both dressed in red and on the other side both dressed in blue.

I’ve started to search for the singer, who was standing behind on the left side of the stage, when you look from public onto the stage and also had worn a black wrestling mask, to be honest I only took notice of him because his microphone was lighted. But instead of a wrestling-suit he had worn a regular suit, like bank employees does, to run a chliché. As all other musicians of Puscifer also had worn suits it seems the singer made a changeover form showartists to musicians.

It was clear to me that boxing ring wasn’t there for decoration and so soon the male wrestlers entered it and started to … guess what … correct, wrestle. After a few songs the female wrestlers entered that ring, than all four danced again on their sides and as, almost after halftime a fifth wrestler all dressed up in black entered the stage, the music got, unfortunately, a bit in the background.

As we watched the setting for Amon Amarth two rocking unicorns with wings got in front of us … I couldn’t help, I had to take a picture …


Dragonheads were rolled onto stage, looking as they just got cut of a vikinger ship and made my pleasant anticipation even grow more, which was already pretty high as they got a new album out.

A thunderstorm was announced, pretty surprised I got aware weather forecast ment Amon Amarth, they started off with Thunder and Lightning, I’m not able to describe what I saw and heard, just amazing. After the first number they thank Austria for making their Album 1st Place.

They went on as powerful as they started with songs like Twilight oft he Thundergod, Deceiver of the Gods or Death in Fire. Sometimes you can’t follow the singer and the guitarist getting up on that two Dragonheads, as quick as they are … During performing. Fog machine produces exact that, light changes from blue to red to green, wind is blowing in their face … What words can I use to live up with that … ? Guess there are none.

The Area before the stage got filled up and so we went into “our area” and watched the rest of the performance from a tribune.

Amon Amarth never forgets to impart a few breaks between their songs, so fans can recover their breath and of course interact with their fans during the breaks. Almost at the End of their performance they play Guardians of Ascaart … Any need to say crowd gone wild at that point? Of course also because singer animates them to bang their fists and scream “Hey! Hey!”in time with music. Just now I notice that when the singer spins his head in circles to the music, hair are moving symmetrically and beard opposite of that drill dirve.

Show really went by way to fast, everyone screams for a Bonus, sounds amazing, but as timetable is almost strict, there’s no time left for a Bonus … What a bummer.

On the Next was Billy Talent, guess there is not much to say about that. Show was amazing, even as they singer didn’t hit every note, what he, anyhow, don’t have to during a powerful performance and jumps and dances all over the stage. Emotions, or rather Fans, were in a very good mood. I wondered if Billy Talent could still hear himself singing, as the crowd loudly sang along with him, especially as he started the Show with Devil in a midnight mass … The Canadians dominated that Stage experienced.

A long break started before we could hear the first sounds of Korn, the last time I saw Korn I was a bit disappointed, they only played a medley and made zero interaction with their fans … Well and also I’m kind of disappointed back that night. Yes they had more power, yes they played really good songs but to me the talked too little to their fans … they plowed threw their musical career, of course the singer seems to want to scream his voice out of his body and let his braids fly … but all seen before … nothing new and no interaction at all … no wonder formally younger fans gone wild … so after 45 Minutes we went away in drizzle and got to sleep …

Stay tuned when we come back and answer the question: Why am I writing out of Flippers behind …? And tell everything about the performances from the bloodsucking zombies from outer space, Skindread, The Offspring, Bullet for my Valentine and a few more …

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