Fashion from the DNA of Alexander McQueen

His Fashion and Work always was a bit grotesque and eerie. Even though I’m not that into Fashion, I must confess I also was fascinated by his art. After his suicide we heard much about the sadness in the live of Alexander McQueen, including violence and abuse. You can only guess that maybe this experiences lead him to name his first collection: Jack the Ripper stalks his victims …

Exactly for that collection, Alexander McQueen used some wisps of his hair together with the other fabric. Today a student, Tina Gorjanc, uses those wisps of hair for her Project: Pure Human.

Therefor she cultivates skin cells out of the hair and use them to make a leather jacket, even the Tattoos of Alexander McQueen get painted on this jacket. A Koi Carp on the left chest and the dictum: Love looks not with the eyes. But with the mind, on the right upper Arm.

The necessary procedure has already a patent, the Bags you can see on her Homepage are currently made of pigskin and later should also be produced out of the Skin of Alexander McQueen, so now it’s clear, that project isn’t about animal welfare … But what else stands behind it? To much Fan passion?

No it is about Humans, Tina Gorjanic want to create awareness to the abuse of human DNA, as well start a discussion about legal rights.

„If a student like me was able to patent a material extracted from Alexander McQueen’s biological information as there was no legislation to stop me, we can only imagine what big corporations with bigger funding are going to be capable of doing in the future.“, she says during an interview with

She refers to the Case of John Moore, leukemia patient, his doctor extracted biological Material from him, applied for patent and got rich. More precisely he cultivated T lymphocytes out of his melt, without ever telling his patient about his project.

So John Moore went to the court, which stated, John Moore doesn’t have any titles, because his melt doesn’t belong to him anymore, after it was removed from his body… So the only good thing out of that, Court also states that from now on doctors have to inform their patients if they have any economic interest, using a part of their patient …

I Guess that’s a good project, as I myself never heard of such cases before. Furthermore Tina Gorjanic also wants to drag attention to the fact that Humans require more luxury-goods and individual products.

So I come to the End, thinking, that grotesque Project Alexander McQueen would enjoy …

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