Farewell to greatness: a debut Album with philosophy and moments of good shivers

After two years of work, one of it really intense, Dreaded Downfall finally released their debut Album Farewell to greatness. As I myself already enjoyed one out of a few gigs this summer and quickly got caught by their appearance, I feel blessed to be able to listen and write about it. And you can be assured Dreaded Dowfnall put a lot of effort in Farewell to greatness…

Curious by nature, or maybe gender, I had to ask the simpatico guys, of Dreaded Downfall, a few questions about the process behind that album and heard quite a funny story.

In our beautiful capital city, Vienna, you find Downfall Studio, owned and operated from Konstantin Davy and everyone who is guessing that the Name of the Studio referrers to Dreaded Downfall is as right as rain. How that happened?

Konstantin Davy is a freelancer, who also works for USound and develops novel Micro-Speakers and so also brings a scientific to acoustics. Back in 2010 he founded his Studio. For his first job he got paid with two microphones.

After Dreaded Downfall recorded their unplugged-Album Choices at his Studio, Konstantin started to call his Space a Studio.

In the meanwhile he worked with over 30 Artists and Bands from all Genres, besides pure mastering, mixing or recording jobs he also does the complete mastering.

The work with Dreaded Downfall was really comfortable, he states, the guys worked professional, and dedicated a lot of their time on Songwriting and Preproduction, as well they care about all that little details so Konstantin can get an overview really quick and start his work.

By the way: to pay for the production costs, the guys from Dreaded Downfall started a crowdfunding project, to balance the gap, which was there after they saved their fees. Can you vision that effort and responsibility?

Well as I can say by now, that work paid off, with Farewell to Greatness the band Dreaded Downfall takes us on a journey through strong feelings.

The first Title, Lines that led us here, starts with a monolog:

At some point of our lives we all wake up and ask ourselves if we done enough to be who we wanted to be. Then we just go back to sleep… We can’t, we’ve come a long way…fill the weight of our hopes and dreams, so for now this is what we have to say

Almost aroused I look up from that interesting Album Cover, geometrical shapes caught my eye. If you look closely you see an old script, a wall, coordinates and cardinal points, it seems to be a compass and as I still listen to that first title, I can’t help but think skilful Dreaded Dowfnall initiate that upcoming journey with that cover.

So after that thought provoking impulse, the song goes on with a fast pace and deep screams, defiantly good-mood-music, which isn’t disturbed by that ongoing thoughtful lyrics.

Already I have one, in my mind funny, anecdote to that Title, which caught my heart: during an exploration run, which is a run in unknown territory, I lost my way a bit and wondered where to go, exact at that moment I hear that thoughtful lines:

We ask ourselves where to go from here …
The long way home had to disappear

and had to smirk.

Scars as Medals, starts with electronic music, before temper changes a bit and the song cuts loose. To be hones I’m already fascinated about that Title itself. I’m able to witness a human being torn apart between following his dreams or stay in a safe place, where he isn’t happy or himself.

Proper they switch from singing clearly to screams and part vocal music, maybe the clear voice is portraits the voice of doubt, screams the voice of a breakout (from that save haven?) and the part vocal voices portraits the voice of some kind of support…? That’s only my interpretation.

Anyhow you couldn’t end that song better than with those lines:

Just one more step, just one more step
Please take it now, without regret

That song touches me deeply, even with that Title itself, as I wear Scars as Medals in and out of me myself…

Can you hear our hearts still beating, starts the third title My Revelation left a note, my mind gets blown away, itself and as it’s also suitable to the Title Scars as Medals. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the lyrics, and so I run faster and faster, as If I could turn up that speed of that almost pretty briskly song.

The Lyrics easily put a spell o me, vicinity seems to fade, I’m trapped in that song, that voice that instruments who are telling me I have to work hard before I will see any pay due that.

If you do – You’ll see the pieces paint the picture
If you do – Gold and stone will crown the victor

To write about Promises is one of the two hard parts for me, quickly I got that impression Dreaded Downfall self reflect with that song and tell us, with beautiful singing and melodies, about themselves pursuing their dreams as well as keep on going even if there where that disappointments and setbacks. Holding on to their Promise they gave themselves.

The Promise … till the end – the wishes unfulfilled …
The Promise it will last until the end
The Promise is the reason we defend the small marks that we are leaving on this world…

As we now reach a little turning point in Farewell to Greatness, a good time to take a little break and reflect the first four numbers of that Album, before we go on with a feature with Johan Lindström, five more songs, Goosebumps and a tiny tear of my part.

In the meanwhile you may enjoy to take a sneak peak at Dreaded Downfall’s Facebook

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