Farewell to greatness: a debut Album with philosophy and moments of good shivers – Part II

Yesterday we started our Journey with Dreaded Downfall and their Album: Farewell to Greatness. We took a look behind the scenes of Production and enjoy the ride through our emotions with the first four tracks, with good-mood music and profound messages and because of that think about ourselves.

As mentioned before the break, we reached a little turning point, as we got to the fifth song on that Album, You Left …, the dynamic changes a bit, not only because it’s a feature with Singer Johan Lindström of Normandie. A Synthesizer is very present in that song.

Personally I’m amazed how the storyline changes, also due to that Instrument. The song speeds up powerful and cut me in two halves, am I happy? Or am I angry, disappointed? As I’m still wondering about my feelings I witness a strong scream passage:

Tell me why you left … Tell me why you left…

Abruptly I get shivers, that good ones, a phenomena which will from now on appear everytime I listen to that Passage.

So now I’m almost convinced that we are witnesses of someone whose process his, anger, pain and disappointment, then I hear:

You turned your back on the place that we called home…

Cause where your heart was is just a bleeding stone…

So I’m assured it’s about someone who was left and had to process that as well as a breach of trust. Interesting to me that this Song with its melodies, vocals and screams, take me back to dark places in my past but somehow keep me away from sadness and show me a way to close that part of my life.

As now Johan Lindström starts his screaming part at the end of that song, even the toughest can’t resist the storm of emotions that song sets free. To me that song is an absolute highlight.

After that inner conflict, Lost, with its calm start brings me down, clear singing and soft guitar sounds, but somehow it seems that song continues the storyline which had begun with You Left…

And there’s a walk upon this world, we have chosen years ago to see the wonders of this world and feel the joy I used to know …

The miles are passing by and I look to the ground I sing this song for all who let go.
Cause I feel lost, I feel lost … Lost and alone where is the joy I used to know …

To write about Dear Father is as hard for me as Promises was, the lyrics seem very personal to me. I ask the guys from Dreaded Downfall if I am right with that thinking … I am and so I don’t ask further.

The Title starts powerful, so I take that combination of temper and lyrics as disappointment and anger and the song is used as a tool to deal with that emotions and process them.

Dear Father I’m broken, for all the words unspoken …
Now you see the man you have raised to be ..
… I surrender …

Again Dreaded Downfall manage it easily to show you dark places where you get, or got, hurt, but don’t let any melancholia come up as the temper holds until the end of that song, you still feel pretty good.

Here we go!!! Starts the Intro of …I’m broken and is continuing of You Left…, as well as the theme that You Left… started.

Quickly I got aware that now we don’t talk about the feeling of being hurt anymore, but about the process of getting over them as well dealing with the consequences. During the Passage:

I fall, I fall cause in my head I hear your name … … I fall, I fall the colours burn the colours fade … … can’t you stop me …

a tiny tear leaves my eye.

At least we tried starts and again we change a bit the direction. The Title starts with piano sounds and shortly gets accompanied from several voices singing

We will hold, we will hold on tight

Before guitar and drums starts a thunderstorm of euphoria. Quickly I interpret that song following both story lines of that album: Pursue your dreams and dealing with disappointment and betrayal.

Face down we look at the sky – Believe it or not everything will be ok

At the end of that song, suddenly that euphoria seems to fade, an interesting concept as Life itself is all about highs and lows…

And when the light goes out we’ll walk away
And when the light goes out our dreams may fade

Farewell to greatness is the last song of that same called Album, an acoustic piece with clear vocals and without any bric-a-brac who would possibly drag any attention away.

Relaxed we are allowed hearing the singer tell us a story in his future, where I have to disagree at one point:

These cords have never saved a soul. But don’t you worry, I can promise you it’s fine, because I know that they saved mine …

The Album as a whole, and every Track in it are very strong, you can feel their love for details, their personal stories and experiences who are lying behind that. You (Dreaded Downfall) take us on a wonderful journey through emotions, lyrics, melodies and the message behind them everything on fleek.

Pieces who perfectly stick together, like a puzzle…

That Album absolutely can touch you deep in your heart and soul, so I guess it’s not possible that they are not saved in some way…So at the End I have to say you can’t even imagine how curious I am to maybe someday listen to that 14 more Tracks which didn’t make it to the album.

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