Health Goth a Fashion trend hits the black … or so

Gothic meant to be an attitude towards life, individualism is on big point of that, Gothics don’t follow a specific trend or ideology. However, it’s common to stylize transiency and stay away from society, Gothics don’t like society rules and kind of rebel against them, on one hand with their special look. White Faces, dark Make Up and of course dark clothing. As well that “Culture” is very into music, many Gothics make art themselves with music, lyric or paintings …

As the 21st Century moves on individualism seems to become a need to many different people, we don’t want to be like everyone else, we want to be special and different. Guess that’s also a reason why everyone things, or states, he is going against the tide.

Rebellion and retro took place in fashion, so it seems to be only a question of time until we were satisfied with Glam Rock, its leather Jackets in Biker-looks, Shirts and Tops with staking’s, skulls, crosses and so on … But not even knowing who Metallica is, or even Iron Maiden … just saying.

Something new, more different and even more blackly had to come up and fashion found it, nowadays we are not Glam Rockers anymore, we are Health Goths.

What the Hell a Health Goth is? Just think about the Adams Family leaving a Fitness centre, everyone with another Smoothie in his ice cold hand, to not say Thing T. Thing.

health goth7

As I am a lover of dark clothes, without being a Gothic or Glam Rocker or something else than just me, so I had to buy men running shoes, as you only could get women running shoes in pink, yellow and many other crazy colours but not black for a while, I started do investigate that look of a Health Goth.

Just stating, I love dark clothes, because I am a bit unskilled and on black clothes you don’t see the stain of coffee or tomato sauce …

Back to topic, that trend already started to years ago, three Americans form Portland started to post pictures on Instagram to portrait a healthy lifestyle for a Goth. A DJ recognized that trend and started to sell T-Shirts with switched brand logos. Guessing he used that cliché that Goth are also into occult, ignoring that occult and switched things are not in need to function with each other …

Anyhow, that Trend seemed to disappear as quickly as it appeared. Until a famous singer brought new life to it, as she done a clothing line for puma, at beginning of this year.

So now, well known Instagram, Reality-Stars and Young Models come across with dark lipstick to even darker clothes. It seems to be important to also use elements that are a bit futuristic, because than – as the fashion magazine states – the look gets a bit of luxury. I witness an Image in that fashion magazine, showing a women wearing an oversized Hoodie with over knees, yep it really screams luxuriousness to me. Totally distinctive.

health goth4

Of Course there are Styling Rules, how could we ever survive without them? Allowed Colours? Guess what? Correct dark Black and dazzling white. Best Materials are Neoprene, Net, Jersey and high tech materials, I don’t know what last one really means but in doubt you can always enter the next laminator-store and organize Teflon strips.


health goth2

For the launching show of her collection, that famous singer showed up in a Dress of Net, big frock and clumsy platform shoes wearing dark grandma socks of nylon underneath, I myself don’t see the style in here and think I don’t get the message. But I’m happy to show off my Dresses of Net. While doing that I ask myself if Net ever was out of Fashion, there’s another male singer who mostly wears Fishnets and leather pants.


health goth3


Apropos Net, this I can  do as well all over, so it almost gets a hidden picture puzzle, I’m trying to achieve that futuristic look with a too coloured bikini panty in black and white.
Just asking myself when I can go out in that look without getting a veto of my beau.


health goth8

On all that pictures of the Fashion Magazine I miss looks with white a bit as well as the healthiness, so I become a Goth Snow-white as Goth twin and true to the moto: an apple a day keeps the doctor away.


health goth6

Somehow not white enough, so I try on my oversize white blouse, turning myself in to a futuristic Vampire with Leggings in Leather optic, Sport-Top and my new black running shoes – maybe because of that trend I finally found black running shoes for women? I’m a bit perplex that there is no victim in that Victorian bed.


health goth5

Also the look has to be flawless, which means on one hand, clearly coated lips and nail polish, and fancy sneakers to a chocker necklace and on the other hand, fashion magazine states, you must have a scence of taste, meaning either belly top or mini skirt … I’m confuses as the picture next to that rule shows a women, wearing belly top and mini skirt … BUT on one side she has a blouson hanging on her Shoulders and on the other side has a luxury bag. I’m sure that’s why she can break that rule, a luxury bag always repeal fashion rules. Well I don’t have a luxury bag, but I also wear belly free and skirt, but mine is not mini … Do you notice how consequent I wear my fancy running shoes?


health goth9

Personally I don’t think it’s a problem I don’t have a luxury bag. I let myself completely into that Health Goth Theme and take my clutch with drive ring out with me.




At last, Fashion Magazines tells us that SM and Statement Shirts are in Trend. Showing an Instagram Star stating the Devil wears black on her shirt … shoot; I thought the devils wears Prada …
Anyway I can do statement to and with that shirt I finally became a Health Goth. I don’t do SM today, because the dogs still don’t recover from the shock of me lending their dog harness …



Text is Satiric and should be taken as „informing joke“

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