Ballet meets Street

Their body tension is admirable and beautiful, that petite Lady’s and Men are trained from head to toe. Their Movement seems effortless, although they bring their body to the limit of what seems to be possible, at the same time they fascinate, even a not affectionate viewer, with grace and elegance, which seems to be unreachable.

Also Street Dance experienced a little hype about the turn of the millennium, a movie after the other seems to come out and most of them had one theme, the beautiful ballet dancer meets Hip-Hop and Streetart.

Omar Z. Robles, Photographer from New York, connect these two worlds together on Instagram.

Damp rises out of a canal and one of that typical yellow cabs drives by as Ali Lubin strikes a ballet Pose for the Camera. Silken Kelly performs a standing split, soppy on the sidewalk, while its raining heavy. Anastasia Fedorova seems to make an attendance to the City in the morning, during a boy in background drives, unimpressed, by on his skateboard.

Omar Nieves gives me the impression to jump out of the Underground Station, while Omar Roman floats between two bookshelves in the library. Gaysa balance her body, on her handy, on telephone cells or concrete base. Mija Bishop shows off her destroyed pointed shoes. Brittany Cavaco puts a spell on us, dancing in the snow.

But that’s not the only City Omar Z. Robles visits, he already was in Cuba, where Ballet dancer, sometimes, earns more money than doctors. It seems easily explained, as they should be the best one in their profession and train to Russian Standards.

Daniela Cabrera performs a Pose on the Sidewalk, in the foreground of that photo you can see an old Lady watching her. Esteban Aguilar is responsible for one of the Photos that catches me the most, as he, almost humble, jumps in a backstreet.

As well Yanet Alvarez, it seems she is dancing in a backstreet early morning, in background three people, one walking away, one walking in her direction and one sitting in an entrance drinking from a bottle. Garbage on the Street and an old car in the background. I’m trapped in that, somehow surreal Photo. Anyhow the Photos of Cuba seem to have more Power, because of the motion link and many people in the Background who are watching or going unimpressed their ways …

Yanet Alvarez

If you also want to see more just follow the Omar Z. Robles Link above …

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