Tress or: no Down Under in fall

Fashion and Trends, most of the time a weird world to me, but most of the time it’s funny to see how we take over Trends with no second thought and so, I guess, the only one enjoying the new Trend for Fall will be the doctor, because just in time for fall and colder degrees, woman like to go out in Oversize T-Shirts and nothing down under, accept from Overknees and High Hells Heels…

Kind of good news, to me, Boyfriend Style still isn’t over yet, than, as Fashion-Magazine advises, if you don’t have enough money to go shopping, just snitch a T-Shirt of your Boyfriend to get ready for this new Trend.



And as always there have to be Styling Rules and of course Fashion-Magazine provides them willingly. It starts with the well known, loved and simple Sport T-Shirt, which should have a Print related to Sport, suitable for all who are into Sports, put High Hells Heels on and you are ready go. Logical or? High Hells Heels are the perfect fit if you are into making a sporty statement.





After we got aware that maybe High Hells Heels and Sport isn’t that suitable we start to fancy our Oversize Shirt up, using a belt around our waist to point it out and get a feminine touch.





Ignoring the fact we are only wearing a T-Shirt we want to prevent to look naked, so the next advice follows: decorate yourself like a Christmas tree, with bracelets, necklaces, and a big fancy bag and Overknees, or at least boot. Killing two birds with one stone, as we also don’t want to look as we went out in our Sleeping Shirt … Wait? Wasn’t there a trend about pajamas and nightdresses worn on street a few months ago? So if we would look like we wear our sleeping Shirt on street we would have three birds with a stone. (coll.)



At last we have the Part I’ve waited for, of course we should war Band Shirts and as usual of Bands we only know by name and as we confess to harder Music, like Metal or Rock, we need chunky Plateau-Boots, no matter you, or your feet, won’t survive one Day at a Festival in those. Image, or in this case cliché is everything.

But we aren’t over yet, because there is still a little concern that we could get cold and a cold as well, to prevent that we choose? Correct, not pants but a blouson, which will keep us warm. And well, I guess it doesn’t look strange at all between all other people, as you can see in the picture above … Or?

As well you can also wear a Dress with long sleeves underneath your favourite T-Shirt; first one should be amazing wearing a Top with lace to, or above, it. What wait? I thought we want to prevent to look like we just went out in our Sleeping Shirt…

Still not convinced you won’t freeze? Never mind, just put aluminium foil into your High Hells Heels and make sure you cream your Legs with lotions that include Ginger, peel your legs and take a warm footbath before you go out. I’m pretty sure your legs will stay warm all day after doing that … Or?

But we still have? No not thighs? What are you thinking? Booties, jackets and hats, or hoods, or caps, because most of our body temperature we lose over our head. So as long as you wear a hat, or hood, or cap, you can go out in your bikini no matter how cold it is outside. Correct?

Best for last, Celebs don’t wait for busses, or trains, or the subway, so just get a cap and get driven exactly where you want to be, and before Celebs go to events they get styled and there they get champagne … Well, didn’t the ship’s cook of Titanic survive in the freezing water because he drank Alcohol?

And just at the end I get aware, maybe some more than just doctors will enjoy this trend, so maybe it would be better wearing booty shorts or hot pants underneath, fall is windy …

Text is satiric … No birds (or other animals) got hurt …

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