You’re in the army now, or: This Means War

It’s Rocktober outside and as well inside, or on the Blog, so the goal is to write only about that little heavy Genre of Music. So it’s a bit tricky to combine it with a fashion article. Well as you can see I’ve picked two quotations of Rock Bands: Status Quo and Avenged Sevenfold, and on the other Hand, Fashion world wants to rock …

… Glam-Rock isn’t related to Alice in Chains, Alice Cooper or Loudness any more, it describes Fashion Statements, for which you usually need a Leather Jacket. Just a few days ago Fashion Magazine wanted to convince me that a Bride becomes a Rockstar if she wears a Leather Jacket to her dress …? So we also have a Leather Jacket losing his statement of Rebellion, it’s a statement for that Music genre most Fashionistas don’t have a glue off.

In my Opinion it’s a bit bizarre seeing all those Girls running around in Iron Maiden, Ramones or Motörhead Shirts and then they don’t even recognize one Song from those, or rather the Band … But that’s a bit of another Story.

So anyway, I guess that’s the reason why our clothes have to Rock and at this Time it’s the Military Style.  Especially Military-Jackets are the Must-Have of this Fall and Winter. Myself had to have it back in 2011, where it wasn’t trend, so I’m in a, not so seriously mend war, to make myself noticed as a Trendsetter.

Back in 2011 it was a bit difficult to get clothes in that Style, but in the meantime I got a few clothes in Military and Uniform Style. Yes, in my opinion there’s a difference. So I decided to start the Track This Means War from Avenged Sevenfold and rock a photoshoot for you.

Guess I should put on a Making-Off Video, Outtakes are amazing. I only say: Faceplant.

So let’s start with Military Style and get aware why Fashion Magazine, as well as everyone else, says Military Style but means Uniform Style. Me thinking of Military, I see camouflage in earth colors, because blue would be Navy-Style, I guess …

As I convince myself as, not so serious, Trendsetter, I dismiss the Fashion-Rules from Fashion-Magazine, especially as there is again this Overknee-Boots, which I absolutely don’t like and bring in my Rules for that Style.


More is more, correct? So I put, to my Camouflage Jacket, some Camouflage High Hells Heels on which have a little cartridge belt wrapped around them, matching that powerful This means war, what just came out M.Shadows mouth, or my Speakers.

As I take those shoes of, I fall on the floor, I internalize the Theme immediately and start to creep over to my couch, where some of my other clothes waiting for their appearance. Even my dogs can feel it, so they start to creep with me.

Now we are at the point, as you my finally found out yourself, fashion magazine doesn’t mean that camouflage Military Style, they mend that more classic Uniform Style, which characteristic is for shoulder straps, decorations on the arms and of course that buttons on each side.


As mentioned I got lots of it and currently I’m a bit pissed that my beautiful coat in that style is at the cleaning service. A few years ago I just bought it when Winter was almost over, because before I couldn’t find any coat in that style. Even my “waistcoat” in a victorian style I can’t find in my closet, I wonder where it is …

Yes, I’m really into that baroque-filigree or Victorian style too.

Personally I prefer Boleros or camisoles in that Uniform Style as well for Office as for a night at the Viper Room, where they play Rockmusic for my rocking Outfit. But also for Meetings or corporate events I like to wear Blazers in Uniform Style.

Oh, I guess we need a styling rule, I hate rules, well I really like to wear my “Zipper-Pants”, as you can see on a few of the photos, or my uniform pants (picture above), or just some pleat fronted trousers. Guess last one are most matching to that uniform style.


Underneath that grey uniform camisoles, I normally wear a black tank-top, as you also can see in the Pictures above. I don’t have a glue why I chose my grey loose-fit-shirt, with oil stain, for that shoot.

Uh, Oil Stains, maybe that becomes a Fashion Trend too? Got lots of clothes with Oil Stains, from working on cars and motorcycles. For some reason you never get them out of your clothes.



As I hate Overknee-Boots I guess I have to present different shoes, as I can’t describe my preferred shoes, I show you a picture of them and as my boleros, camisoles and Blazers I’ve bought them in different colors.

Well now I got aware why I prefer those for that style, somehow they look like Military-Shoes with a heel attached. A weapon, for your toes and ankles, or rather your whole body if it’s icy outside.




As the Trendsetter that I am, I already picked that, rocking, Uniform Jacket for that Out-Of-Bed-Trend in Summer.

So we reached warm Clothes for outside, shown Jacket I don’t only wear above Negligees I also like to wear it for concerts.






My coat still is at Cleaning Service, but with that Jacket I don’t have to freeze, it’s perfect for fall and I’ve you wear a Hoodie underneath, like I prefer to do. It’s warmer and you can enjoy the contrast, not only in color.


Although I wrote about Trendsetter and War, I have to state, that this Trend is old and like Animal prints, always finds his way back into Fashion.

It started in World War two, when everything, even Clothes weren’t that easy to become. Civilians, man and woman, began to wear dress Uniforms of the Military, which were sold form Soldiers. Of Course the Ladys enjoyed that warming and covering Trenchcoats over there dresses.

During Vietnam War that Trend hit America, opponents of war, started to wear those clothes as a protest. In that Period Fashion Designers copied that look and since then it comes back from time to time …

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