Pain Is in Portrait: Artists with talent and depth

During Rise Up Festival 2017, Judenburg/Styria, Pain Is blown us away. Their impressive Appearance made us visit their Merch and let me to the wish they would be on Concert tour with Avenged Sevenfold instead of Disturbed, which lately showed a bit less power during Acts in Austria, in my opinion Pain Is would have been a total Game changer if they had been on Stage in Vienna. Now we have the honor to make an interview with them, which besides proven Talent shows Depth and Gratitude. Read yourself, how it began, where their road lead them and which other Bands they enjoy themselves.

When and how did you discover your Passion for your Instrument, or Vocals?

Since age seven I was a drummer. At Age 14, the band room was closer to me then school (he laughs). As my last band, in which I played the drums, suspended, I wanted to try something new. No sooner said than done – since 2002 I constantly work on my Vocals, by now I am satisfied and found my style. Nevertheless, that does not mean I am done, with every new Song I push my boundaries to improve my Vocals more.

During School I attended a class with focus on music. One time a teacher, who plays drums himself, teaches us how to play Drums. Fluke meets Natural; my teacher said after I was playing the Drums and started to teach me more. The next lucky Fluke already brought me to PAIN IS, where I stayed, because I had the possibility and freedom to enfold myself as a Drummer and Musician. However, I am restless too, I push myself to the Limit to become better and better.

At age ten I started classic with Guitar lessons. At age 15, I attended the first Band and discovered my Passion for the Bass guitar. Since then the love to play the Bass never stopped and I found my musical Hometown with PAIN IS.

MY parents listen a lot to Elvis, Johnny Cash and CCR, which of course early shaped my taste for music. At age 12, I discovered Metallica and shortly after, I start to play the guitar myself. I joined a few Bands and rocked along until I found PAIN IS … A love that never will let me go.

When and how did you found Pain is? What does the Name mean to you? What is Pain?

I (Jerome Jaw) found PAIN IS in 2002; we had a change of the original Line Up. In 2015, TOM STEAM made the band whole and since then we finally can cover all requests for Performances and put PAIN IS to a higher Level on musical and professional side.

The Name of the Band should help the Fans to discover his very own pain and of course identify with us. For us it is not the Pain itself, but to have a valve for it to overcome untreated emotions and struggles that come with life.

What does the Colors Red and Black mean?

The colors reflect that emotional roller coaster and our Songs. Occasionally Mario Rencher’s Design of our Shirts Man with the Gun as well his input and Ideas on our new Design set the tone for those colors.

How do you create your Songs?

Very traditional in the Band Room. There are no boundaries or taboo regarding Sound, Lyrics or Vocals. With our Sound, we all pull together, but the lyrics are my (Jerome Jaw) part. We reflect different parts of Life so you can find critics on social and society, revolutions, thoughts but as well rudimentary demands.

What is your plans for 2017?

2017 is going to be a great Year!
We have 30 to 40 Shows in Europe, where we also attend big festivals like:
Fulll Metal Mountain, Metaldays Slowenien, Metal on the Hill, Kaltenbach Open Air, Metal Night Outbreak, Dürer Kert Metal Fest, Eargazmic Festival, Rocky Mountain Festival, Heavy Mölltal Festival, Rock den See Festival and Gothoom Open Air Festival.

Where do you see Pain Is in five years from now on?

We are ready and willing to do all it takes to have international Success too. We definitely see ourselves on international stages, so we hope we are able to play international Stages in the next five years.

There is no End planned, Music is our live.

Without that, I cannot play on Stage?

Without Stage fright (laughs). Thank God, it is still there, it keeps you fit and concentrate. However, without our Family (the Band and everyone included) I could not vision a Gig.

Your best Gig so far?

Honestly, every Show is an Adventure and still some kind of unbelievable to us. The Energy on Stage and the Interaction with the Fans makes every Show something special and great. Nevertheless, if you ask for that one Gig, I have to say Wacken open Air Festival. We are thankful we could play this big and wicked show.

Which (Austrian) Bands do you listen yourself?

Well that needs a big Answer, there are so much good Bands in Austria, but to bring it on point, we cherish the Bands we already played with and interact mostly as there are:

Amandas Nadel, Crossing Edge, Darkfall, Disastrous Murmur, Dragony, Ebony Archways, Ecliptica, Epsilon, In Chaos, Kontrust, Russkaja, TuXedoo, Unhallowed, Uzziel, Veil of Deception, Vision of Atlantis, and many, many more (I am sorry I cannot point all out as there are really lots of talented and good Bands in Austria).

International we would have to say:
Kill II this (Greets to my bro Mark Mynett), Exilia (Greets to Masha for the inspiration), Ektomorf (Greets to Zoli), Machine Head, Alter Bridge, Disturbed, etc.

The last Concert or Festival you visit as Fan?

As we play many shows ourselves we are regrettably not always able to visit Concerts that much, but at Wacken open Air, for example, we enjoyed watching a lots of Bands as Fans too.

Do you visit a Festival regularly?

As above, due to our own Shows there is currently not the time to visit Festivals as Fan.

Do you have a Festival tip?

Visit them, even if there is no international Act on Line Up. Go out enjoy yourself and listen live to bands. Support your Bands and local Music Scene and take great Memories with you, there are so much talented Bands out there you will never hear of at home.

If you would have to joy in your on Box fight, which Song would you choose?

I am traditional so I would say I of the Tiger, but the Cover form Killswitch Engage, or with our new Single Don’t let us down.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Well we have to end with a big Thank you to all those people out there who supports and love us. A few we would like to call by name:

Our Families; MR Design (Rencher Mario, Kathrin, Josef); Wülde Hoamat (Schuster Bernd); Musik Hammer Graz (Hannes und Crew); Eargazmic Booking; Mike Wolf and Melon Fm; Sliphazard Production and Gunter Rothbart,amm.

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  1. […] (English Version here) Beim Rise Up Festival 2017 in Judenburg fegten uns Pain Is mal dezent weg. Ein imposanter Auftritt brachte uns dazu uns am Merchandise Stand ein wenig einzudecken und lies den Wunsch keimen Pain is gegen Disturbed auf der Konzerttour mit Avenged Sevenfold auszutauschen. Nun geben sie uns die Ehre eines Interviews, welches neben dem bewiesenen Talent nun Tiefgang und Dankbarkeit zeigt.  Lest selbst wie es anfing, wo es hingeht und welche österreichischen Bands Pain Is selbst schätzen. […]

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