Interview with Black Inhale and guess what: soon they are going rock Amadeus

Last year, during annual Nova Rock Festival, Black Inhale kept us warm against a cold Wind that and a cloudy Day, by heating us up with their Music and Performance. This Year they will be again at Nova Rock Festival. But already in May we have to cross our Fingers for them, because they are nominees in the Hard & Heavy Category of Amadeus Austrian Music Award. You can vote for them until Wednesday the 29th of March. But now let’s move on to their great and humorous Interview.

You and Music, how did everything start? How did you find your Instruments?

Well bad television program forces us to play music. Just Kidding, we all four are huge Music fans since our childhood and blind as a bat we shortly had to figure out things slowly. But know every single one of us can express himself with his instrument … and no one would like to change it, even our Bassist. 🙂

How did the Members of Black Inhale find each other?

Black Inhale found us; we are united through our passion.

Nothing but pure Metal is your credo, even our first EP made the Scene prick their ears. In 2011 your Debut Album; Rule of Force, had lots of good Critics, even beyond Austria. Your last Album; A Doctrine of Vultures is called a Masterpiece How long do you work on your Albums? How do you create your Songs?

Blind as a bat…  🙂

Especially for A Doctrine of Vultures we took all the time we needed to work intensely and with lots of love for Details. Even writing the Songs took at least two years.

The Matrix for our songs is the Guitar riffs, then we garnish them with the drums (Quotation of Boris: let’s say flattened). After that all arrangements and finishing happens with all four in our Rehearsal Room.

Do you feel any pressure, after your first Albums made such waves of excitement?

We don’t put pressure on ourselves, because we think pressure harms Quality and Creativity. Art must be able to spread it wings free from pressure.

Without I can’t go on stage?

Glutzi (their Guitarist) … but apart from that … don’t need him 🙂

Your best Gig so far?

No way can we say that one Gig was the best, we always enjoy and have lots of Fun on Stage. But we love to smell Festival Air; Nova Rock last year was a blast!

Amadeus Award is knocking on your door. Your First Reaction to your nomination?

Beyond Words! Our Passion gets cherished and loved, we are so thankful for that!

Plans for 2017?

We have a few interesting thing going on … Wait and see.

But we are going to Play at Festivals like Nova Rock, Vienna Metal Meeting or Rocky Mountains Festival and we’re looking forward to leave our Marks there and heat up the crowd. Furthermore, we start to do the Song writing for our next Album, that’s a Highlight for us.

Where do you so yourselves in five years?

Geriatrics? Glutzi (their Guitarist) in Kalksburg J (editor’s note: a specific part of the 23 District of Vienna, where you can find a catholic private school …) 😉

Seriously, we don’t want to think so far beyond. All that counts is here and now!

Which Austrian Bands do you listen to yourself?

Lots … especially Boon, Eneera, Mastic Scrum, Before the fall, Dhark, Dystrust, The Sorrow (who just announced their resign) and many more

What was your last Concert or Festival viewed as Fan?

Anthrax, Avenged Sevenfold, Kreator and Sepultura

Any ultimate Festival Tipp?

Wet toilet paper!

May I ask you what’s going on with that Maggie Simpson Tattoo I’ve spotted?

First of all we are all big Fans of Maggie Simpson, but Glutzi loved her so much so he got her portrait on his skin.

Editors Note: Who finds Maggie?

The First hour of your day?

Like every Rockstar … Wake up and go home.

Your worst Job?

Not really any, but it’s a bit wicked we still have to work in our normal Jobs and can’t fully focus on our Music.

Any wish to the local Music Scene?

Open minded and interested Audience.

Anything else you would like to say?

Well, as you may be able to read through the Answers, Glutzi (our Guitarist) wasn’t able to be present during the Interview. 🙂

Seriously, we are very grateful for any support. If we can carry home Amadeus Award, we will do it with a bang … if not we bang too.

Kind Regards Schlo, Borrr, Marrr


So at the End all I can do is quote: The four most beautiful Trashers from Donaustadt (22 District of Vienna) are nominated for Amadeus Austrian Music Award. Not Kidding … Amadeus probably just turned over in his grave …

Let’s vote till the Keyboard Breaks … if you don’t like us, vote for the sake of our Mothers!

So leave your vote for Black Inhale here …

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