Veil of Deception in Interview

Already with their first Album Deception Unveiled Veil of Deception made the Scene listen, a strong Bass Line and the interesting Voice of their Spanish Singer almost drowned the guitar. On their second Album Tearing up the roots that changed a bit, you can hear the guitar more clearly and sometimes stronger, but sometimes the Drums puts everything a bit behind … Either way Veil of Deception proved lots of Potential and Live you can count on them to give you a good time.
Now they tell us how they find themselves with Music, who their Idols are and their future Plans …

When and how did you discover your passion for your instrument?

DANIEL (VOCALS): I started singing in my early teenage years for a high school punk rock band although as far as I can remember I’ve always been into singing – singing along songs and always interested in lyrics and stuff. The first album I ever bought was Iron Maiden’s „Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son“ at the tender age of 13. I still keep that vinyl, the grooves are well worn out! The rest is history… I guess I went for vocals cause I always realized I could sing along my fave tunes and stay in tune! So I figured I would follow that path.

DEJAN (GUITAR): After many „Rock Band“ jam sessions with my friends, I decided to buy an guitar and try it myself. I have to admit I fell in love from the very first moment!

SAMIR (GUITAR): At round 11/12 I discovered the guitar. After that I got more and more into it through famous musicians like Kirk Hammet and Wes Borland…

THOMAS (BASS): When I was younger I wasn’t that much interested in playing an instrument. That changed when I paid a visit to a friend and my father started to jam guitar while he was playing the drums. It totally blew me away so I decided to start learning an instrument. My father suggested that I pick up either the bass guitar or guitar. He told me that a bass guitar has fewer strings, so i decided to go with the „easier“ one HAHA. I haven’t looked back since. I love bass!

CHRIS (DRUMS): When I was ten years old, my father introduced me to Slipknot „Before I Forget“ and immediately my passion for Drums came to live.

How did the members of Veil of Decepiton find each other?

DANIEL: There’s been a few line-up changes in VoD. From the original line-up (early 2013) there’s only Dejan and I left. Basically shortly after I moved to Vienna from the UK I answered an ad that Dejan and Gerd (our former guitarist) had posted looking for a competent metal singer. After 2 full-lenghts there’s been a bit of switching around. Thomas (bass) has been with us for a few years and he’s been a blessing. We now have the pleasure of having Samir (guitar) and Chris (drums) within the ranks. They have brought so much to the table it’s surreal.

Is there a story behind your band name?

DANIEL: Well it’s a pretty cool-sounding name ain’t it? Basically there are two reasons: it sounds great and matches our overall sound/attitude/stage antics and it’s also a terrific song by Death Angel. A song I adore… so there!

DEJAN: Actually the idea came from our former guitar player Gerd!

How do you create your songs?

DANIEL: We are an extremely democratic band and there’s room for everyone to come along and present their ideas to the rest of the band. In the past it was usually Dejan who came up with his killer riffs and loose song structures, me doing vocal lines and writing lyrics on top of it and the rest would add their little bit of magic. But nowadays for our 3rd album it’s being more of a joint effort, which will only make it more interesting!

DEJAN: Traditionally I’ve always written the songs at home (guitars, bass… basic drums). Then I record a basic demo which I the others so we all can decide what we like or what we don’t like and what changes we wanna try and which solution might be the best for all of us!

SAMIR: I start jamming around pretty randomly and when something catchy and with a hook comes up I keep on working on it.

CHRIS: There are Different ways. Either a Member brings new things on the plate and we finish it in our Band Rehersall Room, or we just improve.

What are your plans for 2017?

DANIEL: At the mo we are writing like crazy while doing some killer gigs here and there. I think the main focus for this year will be writing all the material for our third album, then try the songs on the road and ultimately hit the recording studio later in the year/early next year. Should be real exciting times! The new tracks are as kick-ass as ever!

DEJAN: Gigs, work on new songs, and prepare for the next album 😀

SAMIR: Playing as much as possible live and working on new material.

THOMAS: We’re in the process of creating new material for our third album and we’ll do gigs on a regular base within Austria. We’re really looking forward to our next gigs with Blaze and Nervosa. Should be a blast!

CHRIS: Gigs, new Songs and more Awareness.

Where do you see Veil of Deception in five years from now?

DANIEL: I really don’t know what to answer there. I think it’s all about enjoying the „ride“ and being able to make metal music. Sure, it’s cool to have goals but… why not just enjoy the moment? We have accomplished so much since the band’s inception barely 4 years ago…unbelievable. But since you asked me: as long as we’re able to keep playing killer songs and do killer shows, I will be more than happy 😉

DEJAN: Playing gigs outside of Austria!

SAMIR: Hopefully somewhere where we still can be proud of this band and happy still being a part of it.

Is there anything, any habbit or random ritual you must do before hitting the stage?

DANIEL: Well I am the kind of guy who needs to warm up a bit of course! In all seriousness… I always have one beer (the rest will be after the show ;-)) and do some vocal exercises. As a band we also do a bit of a „band scrum“ to cheer one another up before the show haha.

SAMIR: A can of Monster Energy of course!

CHRIS: I never do a Gig without my Nike Wristband.

What’s your personal holy grail?

DANIEL: Very clever question ;-)) We all have one. I guess it’s whatever makes us happy in life… my main pillars are my family of course and MUSIC. I’m only speaking for myself here but in my case, I am a metal fan who happens to be in a metal band — not the other way around. I could not be in a band (although I would miss it to unhealthy levels) but if you take music away from me… man I’d be screwed!

THOMAS: My little baby girl Karoline. She’s turning 6 months old in a couple of days and I am enjoying every second with her in my life.

CHRIS: A Darth Vader Lego-Figure.

Your best gig so far?

DANIEL: For me an absolute highlight would be when we played alongside thrash metal legends Flotsam and Jetsam. One of my very favourite bands since I was a kid.

DEJAN: There are a many gigs I really liked… I can’t decide which one was the best, every one of them had something special to it!

SAMIR: At the Escape Metal Corner earlier this year. The crowd was amazing that night!!

THOMAS: Every gig has its special memories. I think that one of the best gigs so far was our second CD release party, where we had enough stage time to present the full new album as well as some of our older songs. Also Rainer of Enclave joined the stage for a duet with Dan of the song „The Entity“.

CHRIS: As we where co-headliners with Sacred Steel in Oktober 2016.

Which (Austrian) bands do you guys listen to?

VoD: Austrian metal is alive and well that’s for damn sure. Some of our favourite Austrian bands are Enclave, Pain Is, Mortal Strike, Parental Advisory, Mayburn, Camp Chaos, Deathtale, Eneera, Facewalk, Liquid Earth, Titan Killer… just to name a few.

The last concert or festival you attended as a fan?

DANIEL: Helgrind at the Escape. Low-key but lethal!

DEJAN: Last gig was in the Viper Room with Titan Killer and Liquid Earth!

SAMIR: The last concert I attended was on 03.25.17 at the Arena. The Danish band FOREVER STILL where performing as opening act for Children of Bodom. Nice band. We had a small chat after the show, took some pics as well and I also got two CDs signed by the band. I enjoyed every moment that evening.

CHRIS: Die Böhsen Onkelz (The Bad Uncles) at Wiener Stadthalle.

Any ultimate festival tip?

DANIEL: Well I’ll be attending Vienna Metal Meeting on April 8th. Tons of great bands! Mayhem, Asphyx, Flotsam… what more can you ask for?

THOMAS: I really enjoyed the Alpine Steel Festival in Innsbruck. It is devoted to Austrian bands, very well organized and provides a mixed lineup that covers every metalhead’s taste. Also the Kaltenbach Open Air stands out as an elite metal festival in contrast to the larger commercial ones like Nova Rock.

CHRIS: Seerock and Frequency!

Let’s talk Tattoos. How many do you have and which one is the most important to you and why?

DANIEL: Well I do have a few but I never really took the time to count them haha! I like all of them to be honest… I can’t really tell you about one in particular that stands out among the rest!

CHRIS: I have 5 Tatoos. My favourite one is a Skorpion on my left Arm. I’ve got it with my best Friend from an Artist in Berling.

The First hour of your day?

DANIEL: Well… it usually takes me an hour to figure out where I am 😉 I sleep very deeply 😀

SAMIR: Trying to have at least a small breakfast.

THOMAS: Get up, have some time with my girl, hit the bathroom, (rarely breakast) and then get straight to work.

CHRIS: Shower, Eat, Practice, Work.

The worst job you’ve ever done?

DANIEL: My very first job was at an airport working a check-in counter doing night shifts… I remember looking like a zombie!!

SAMIR: Call agent at a call centre.

CHRIS: Shop Keeper im Freudensprung

Any wish to the local music scene?

DANIEL: Mmmh interesting. Obviously if you play metal in a band you must have realized that there’s very little money to be made and a lot of enjoyment to be had so instead of acting like a rockstar why don’t you just chill the hell out and just enjoy the underground? Respect and enjoy other bands (big and small) and don’t compete with them… this is all about people helping other people. Support each other, simple as that. Enjoy just being part of this!

DEJAN: To respect each others genres and style of music, to appreciate the Austrian underground music!

CHRIS: More Support „from above“ and a good ride for every Austrian Band that’s out there.

Anything else you would like to say?

DANIEL: Well we would just want to thank those who have made it this far reading the interview! We’d like to ask all self-respecting metal fans to set a good example and really support their respective underground/metal scenes and last but most assuredly not least we wanna encourage everybody to check us out and support VEIL OF DECEPTION! I think we’re a band that has a lot to bring to the table and totally worth discovering. Thanks to you always for your outstanding support. Don’t ever change one bit. Cheers!!

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