Interview: A Cannonball Ride on the Wild Side (EN)

We already know Austria has more to offer than Arnold Schwarzenegger, today the being behind the Blog would love to introduce you to Upper Austria’s Band: Cannonball Ride. If you visit a Show of them you can’t oversee how energized they are and how they love Music and to play their own.

Today Cannonball Ride can proudly look back at 250 Live Shows across Europe, supporting Bands like: Korn, Hatebreed, Napalm Death, Dog Eat Dog, Kvelertak, Caliban, The Ghost Inside, Arch Enemy and many more … So sit back and enjoy the Cannonball Ride …

You and Music, how did it all start?

We all met in our late Teenage Years. Every one of us already made Music at that Time, some of us already with Members of Cannonball Ride, but of course with other Musicians as well. We visited Music school, experimented, and got passionate for our idols. We came across a lot of genres, what also relates to the trend at that time, Punk, SkaPunk and Metal lead us to Screamo and Core. Cannonball Ride established in 2009 and we call it a Modern Metal Band. After every one of us is already in his thirties a long time and friendship connects us. As musicians we’ve grown, lost our adolescent careless, are more grounded and more structured.

What makes Music interesting for you? Any Idols?

To make Music interesting you need way more than just Music! Music needs Performance, somebody has to transfer it to the Audience and Fans. Energy on Stage, dynamic interaction with the Audience, the unity of the Band Members, making it look easy and so much more. We are absolute Advocates of Live Performances!


Without that … I can’t go on stage?

Fist-Bump on Stage. That’s our ceremony and it reminds us that no one can stand up there on stage without the other, we assure ourselves about our unity. After that ceremony we all depend on each other, no matter what.



Which of you Songs you love to play?

Smoke and Mirrors, if not that song we love to play “the new one”, which often don’t have a title at that time and so we play it in our rehearsal room.

After a Show?

It’s important to us to become a part of the Concert and to socialite with the Audience and celebrate the other Bands. Sure everyone needs a bit time for regeneration and dismount his equipment, but we are not that guys who stay Backstage or drive home after our Show. Talk to people, making Connections and be there at the Merchandise, that’s is all important.

Your most memorable Performance so far?

Totally Clear: Two Times a Day at Nova Rock Festival 2016! We were booked for Red Bull Brandwagen Stage, but after a Band couldn’t open up the Blue Stage that Day, we were chosen to jump in. Two hours later we played our second Show at Brandwagen Stage. That was a great day for us and definitely a Highlight in our Band Bio.

Interests or Hobbies beside Music?

Family and Home are two terms, who took a big part in the life of some of us last year. But when there is any time left some of us enjoy a good Downhill ride, snowboarding, running or mountain climbing, also to stay fit.

Which Song would you choose if you enter your own Box match?

The One and Only from Chesney Hawkes, you need self-confidence as a Band.

Any ultimate Festival Tip? (A specific Festival and/or Equipment)

Wiesen (Austria) is unbeatable as Festival ground.

And well … a pop up tent as camping loo?


What’s up in the second half of 2017 and 2018?

Beside our Shows, we went back to song writing and will use the coming Month to work on new Songs. We do all single-handedly and that requests a lot of time and energy from every one of us.

Anything else you would like to say?

Thank you! For any kind of support, every nice word, every constructive criticism, for collaboration at Events, for all stages we were honoured to play on and those who will come in future. For reading this interview, listen to our songs and buying them!

Siegi Vocals – Cannonball Ride

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