Sit Down and enjoy: Dhark a Lesson in Darkness (EN)

Music is higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy, once spoken by a virtuoso of his time, who later on only could hear his own Art in his head …

Dedication and Commitment of three musicians, from Austria – more concret Vienna –  transformed a project, which started in 2010, into the Band DHARK. If you listen to her brutal and poetic Album: Darkness Amplified, you quickly notice, no other quote would match better to introduce you into their world.

So after an intense Week with the Music of Dhark, the being behind the Blog does not hesitate to Name Dhark with other Artists like: Darkest Hour, Trivium and Seether. Not to press their Music into the same genres, but to explain what their music did to me, because sometimes music gives you more than just a good Time, sometimes you need music to find your inner self, to meditate or come thru hard times … And if you find an album which can give you all these things, you just have to share it.

The only Difference between Dhark and the other Artists named? You can watch their Full Live Show: Lessons in Darkness for free … As well download their Album: Darkness Amplified.


Album and as well Live Performance starts with a Bang. Already the first title Craving puts a spell on me, watching it live even more, the Drummer seem to give himself over to the Music and the Performance. Almost mystic lightning plays around the singer and the bassist, whom take their places with excitement in their eyes. Tension grows higher and finally unloads.


This Song we only hear during their Live Performance, so the being behind the Blog had to download the MP3-Version of their Live Performance, Lessons in Darkness, because this one seems to become one of my all-time favourites.

Watching their performance live now takes my breath away, as the gestures of the singer brings the lines of that song on point, Drummer and Bassist totally becoming one with their instruments and melody. Two Voices melting together and finally a short Drum-Solo … Goose bumps.

There is some light there

Is the second Title and only to hear on the Album: Darkness Amplified, is a quick and kind of hard song. Depending on my mood, sometimes it’s a bit overextending for me, with it’s discreet but appreciable rhythmic changes. So maybe also because I can’t watch and construe facial expressions and Gestures during a Live performance, the Lyrics:

Hard to define Life from inside the Box, colossus is Hiding, Atlas is Gone,

first hits me during a run in morning Glory

Ruins oft he New

Even before I watched the live performance this song got me. Goose Bumps from the first line till the end, watching the performance amplifies that feeling. Two strong Voices singing One together, one strong voice that goes on: Master and his Servants

One God and his Believers.
One Commander and his Army.
One Love and its haters

Underlined with a Melody which – again – brings it on point.

Just a Scratch

Did I already mention that transitions between the songs, during the Live Performance, are well elected? No? Shame on me. Fitting and seemingly effortless the Melody of one song turns into the Melody of the next song.

Just a Scratch take you by your horns and struck you down, figuratively of course and favourably, hearing it on the Album as well seeing it on Screen. To be honest I find myself starring at my screen with an open mouth.

The Cuts between the Band Members are well done, on point and underlining that song, as well the show lights. Combined with the lightly switched Melody, compared with the album and the revel gesture of the Drummer, which you never would see, if they didn’t document their performance.

Just a Scratch, leave no Trace A distant memory,
I hope you find what you are looking for …

Well lots of Words already and I’m still siting over three Pages with Notes to six more Songs, which all are Strong and unique in their way. I’m doing my best to keep it short.

The Queen

Has to be in here, because it’s the only Songs I prefer the Album Version more than the Live Performance. As I wasn’t at the Live Show, I don’t know if they had a short technical problem, but especially the Chorus isn’t so good to hear on the Live Version, because instruments seems to be louder than the Voices.

I never knew what it’s like to feel free, to be one of a kind. Cleansing my mind, forgive and forget

At Last I decide to write about


Because it’s the opposite of the Queen, here I prefer the Live Version over the Album Version. The Performance for the Live performed Song before: Sadako, got a bit quiet – what’s absolutely matching to that lightly different song – Expressions and gestures now are coming back to live.

Amazed I recognize that the two Voices seems to become one during Live Performance, a circumstance I didn’t recognize that Effect on the Album.

Well so here I have to come to an End, still with two Pages full of Notes in my Hands to other amazing Songs like: The Speed of Dark,

The quickest turn won’t change the route I’m heading down.
the Speed of Dark
I wait for the shadows and I realize:
I am the track and not the drive

Drag me into Shallow Waters and Drones.

Just let me say: Dhark really came across with a strong Album, filming their Live Performance made almost every Song even stronger, because you can enjoy the Band living their Music, watch their expressions and dedication to their Art and become one.

So Step inside the World of DHARK:



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