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Veil of Deception in Interview

Already with their first Album Deception Unveiled Veil of Deception made the Scene listen, a strong Bass Line and the interesting Voice of their Spanish Singer almost drowned the guitar. On their second Album Tearing up the roots that changed a bit, you can hear the guitar more clearly and sometimes stronger, but sometimes the Drums puts everything a bit behind … Either way Veil of Deception proved lots of Potential and Live you can count on them to give you a good time.
Now they tell us how they find themselves with Music, who their Idols are and their future Plans … Weiterlesen „Veil of Deception in Interview“

Interview with Black Inhale and guess what: soon they are going rock Amadeus

Last year, during annual Nova Rock Festival, Black Inhale kept us warm against a cold Wind that and a cloudy Day, by heating us up with their Music and Performance. This Year they will be again at Nova Rock Festival. But already in May we have to cross our Fingers for them, because they are nominees in the Hard & Heavy Category of Amadeus Austrian Music Award. You can vote for them until Wednesday the 29th of March. But now let’s move on to their great and humorous Interview. Weiterlesen „Interview with Black Inhale and guess what: soon they are going rock Amadeus“

Pain Is in Portrait: Artists with talent and depth

During Rise Up Festival 2017, Judenburg/Styria, Pain Is blown us away. Their impressive Appearance made us visit their Merch and let me to the wish they would be on Concert tour with Avenged Sevenfold instead of Disturbed, which lately showed a bit less power during Acts in Austria, in my opinion Pain Is would have been a total Game changer if they had been on Stage in Vienna. Now we have the honor to make an interview with them, which besides proven Talent shows Depth and Gratitude. Read yourself, how it began, where their road lead them and which other Bands they enjoy themselves. Weiterlesen „Pain Is in Portrait: Artists with talent and depth“

You’re in the army now, or: This Means War

It’s Rocktober outside and as well inside, or on the Blog, so the goal is to write only about that little heavy Genre of Music. So it’s a bit tricky to combine it with a fashion article. Well as you can see I’ve picked two quotations of Rock Bands: Status Quo and Avenged Sevenfold, and on the other Hand, Fashion world wants to rock … Weiterlesen „You’re in the army now, or: This Means War“

Tress or: no Down Under in fall

Fashion and Trends, most of the time a weird world to me, but most of the time it’s funny to see how we take over Trends with no second thought and so, I guess, the only one enjoying the new Trend for Fall will be the doctor, because just in time for fall and colder degrees, woman like to go out in Oversize T-Shirts and nothing down under, accept from Overknees and High Hells Heels… Weiterlesen „Tress or: no Down Under in fall“

Ballet meets Street

Their body tension is admirable and beautiful, that petite Lady’s and Men are trained from head to toe. Their Movement seems effortless, although they bring their body to the limit of what seems to be possible, at the same time they fascinate, even a not affectionate viewer, with grace and elegance, which seems to be unreachable. Weiterlesen „Ballet meets Street“

Health Goth a Fashion trend hits the black … or so

Gothic meant to be an attitude towards life, individualism is on big point of that, Gothics don’t follow a specific trend or ideology. However, it’s common to stylize transiency and stay away from society, Gothics don’t like society rules and kind of rebel against them, on one hand with their special look. White Faces, dark Make Up and of course dark clothing. As well that “Culture” is very into music, many Gothics make art themselves with music, lyric or paintings … Weiterlesen „Health Goth a Fashion trend hits the black … or so“

Farewell to greatness: a debut Album with philosophy and moments of good shivers – Part II

Yesterday we started our Journey with Dreaded Downfall and their Album: Farewell to Greatness. We took a look behind the scenes of Production and enjoy the ride through our emotions with the first four tracks, with good-mood music and profound messages and because of that think about ourselves. Weiterlesen „Farewell to greatness: a debut Album with philosophy and moments of good shivers – Part II“

Farewell to greatness: a debut Album with philosophy and moments of good shivers

After two years of work, one of it really intense, Dreaded Downfall finally released their debut Album Farewell to greatness. As I myself already enjoyed one out of a few gigs this summer and quickly got caught by their appearance, I feel blessed to be able to listen and write about it. And you can be assured Dreaded Dowfnall put a lot of effort in Farewell to greatness… Weiterlesen „Farewell to greatness: a debut Album with philosophy and moments of good shivers“

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