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Eddie Vedder, Jason deClaires Taylor and the man of stone in the ocean

It was May 2011, when the Album Ukulele Songs, from the singer of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder finally was available in store, but this time it was not only his voice that enchanted me, while listening to his music … Weiterlesen „Eddie Vedder, Jason deClaires Taylor and the man of stone in the ocean“

Rainbow Beach – when Earth opens …

Australia, September 2015, a woman which is screaming runs across a Camping-Area, knocks on the doors of Caravans. The earth, beneath the popular campground opens slowly. Weiterlesen „Rainbow Beach – when Earth opens …“

Australia – a Town „Down Under“

A few years ago, on one of summer’s hottest days. I went to a guided Tour, bicycling in an old mine … 30 degrees outside, 15 degrees inside … really cool … Until the guides asked us to switch our headlamps of, it was clear to me I would love to stay “down under”, well without light it turns out a bit creepy …

Currently I heard about a town in Australia, Coober Pedy (which means “white man in hole”), where people are living “my dream” … But why is that so?

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„Chicken Church“ in Indonesia

Indonesia, Island Java more precisle the fertile forest of „Kedu-Valley“. A giant Building which looks like a Chicken stands out of the green.

Whats that? Why is it standing there? And whys there a big cross on his back (a sign used by Christians), most of the People in Indonesia are Muslim?

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