Fashion, Beatuy and Trends … or so

You’re in the army now, or: This Means War

It’s Rocktober outside and as well inside, or on the Blog, so the goal is to write only about that little heavy Genre of Music. So it’s a bit tricky to combine it with a fashion article. Well as you can see I’ve picked two quotations of Rock Bands: Status Quo and Avenged Sevenfold, and on the other Hand, Fashion world wants to rock … Weiterlesen „You’re in the army now, or: This Means War“

Tress or: no Down Under in fall

Fashion and Trends, most of the time a weird world to me, but most of the time it’s funny to see how we take over Trends with no second thought and so, I guess, the only one enjoying the new Trend for Fall will be the doctor, because just in time for fall and colder degrees, woman like to go out in Oversize T-Shirts and nothing down under, accept from Overknees and High Hells Heels… Weiterlesen „Tress or: no Down Under in fall“

Health Goth a Fashion trend hits the black … or so

Gothic meant to be an attitude towards life, individualism is on big point of that, Gothics don’t follow a specific trend or ideology. However, it’s common to stylize transiency and stay away from society, Gothics don’t like society rules and kind of rebel against them, on one hand with their special look. White Faces, dark Make Up and of course dark clothing. As well that “Culture” is very into music, many Gothics make art themselves with music, lyric or paintings … Weiterlesen „Health Goth a Fashion trend hits the black … or so“

Fashion from the DNA of Alexander McQueen

His Fashion and Work always was a bit grotesque and eerie. Even though I’m not that into Fashion, I must confess I also was fascinated by his art. After his suicide we heard much about the sadness in the live of Alexander McQueen, including violence and abuse. You can only guess that maybe this experiences lead him to name his first collection: Jack the Ripper stalks his victims … Weiterlesen „Fashion from the DNA of Alexander McQueen“

Criticalpixie testing Fashion trends: Out of Bed Look

At that Moment I’m kind of thinking I’m really a Trendsetter, I wore that Boyfriend-Style-Thing long before everybody it became a Trend, I also see myself as a Trendsetter for this new Spring-Fashion-Trend as an Article, in German, proofs: With jogging pants at the Office … But enough of that, even if such conceit knows no bounds, let’s start with more Fashion trends for Spring … Weiterlesen „Criticalpixie testing Fashion trends: Out of Bed Look“

Criticalpixie testing fashion trends: spiced white blouses and undies becoming ovies …


Fashion is Art, sometimes strange, quirk and individually. A bit time ago I got asked when I will write  something funny about Fashion again … As the Fashion trends for 2016 comes up, there seems to be a few reasons to do so… Weiterlesen „Criticalpixie testing fashion trends: spiced white blouses and undies becoming ovies …“

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